Jupiter is one of the most popular premium themes in WordPress, built by Artbees and featuring over 104,228 in sales on ThemeForest.

Recently, Artbees launched their new version of the theme, built from scratch using Elementor. This is exciting news and signifies a new era in theme development.

Why Did Jupiter Decide to Elementorize?

The main reason for Jupiter’s transition to Elementor is their need for a reliable and stable solution that would be able to support a popular theme with such an expansive user base. 

Here is what Maziar Firuzmand, CMO of Artbees and Jupiter X, had to say about the transition:

“We needed a page builder that fulfills the needs of a large theme with thousands of users in 2018. Since its emergence, Elementor has proven to be a bulletproof page builder in terms of UX, speed, and expandability. We already had some requests from our users to add this builder to Jupiter. So we spent 4 months and integrated Elementor into Jupiter X.”​

Maziar Firuzmand
Co-Founder of Jupiter
Rebuilding a theme from scratch using another page builder is not easy. It involves basically building it from the ground up. This process might take months for the theme developers, but according to Maziar it’s the only way to stay relevant and updated. Artbees will now be able to enjoy the strong infrastructure, high performance, coding standards, and design flexibility that Elementor offers. 

If you want to hear the full story behind this process, be sure to check out our podcast interview with Maziar.

Elementor - The New 'It Factor' for WordPress Themes

It seems like all of Envato’s ThemeForest marketplace is making the switch to Elementor. 

That is saying something, given that there are over 10,000 themes sold on ThemeForest. A quick calculation of the 104K Jupiter sold, times 60 – Gives you 6 million bucks in sales. It’s the biggest marketplace for WordPress premium themes, and it’s growing bigger every day. Top this off with the fact that WordPress now powers 32.5% of the internet… did your jaw also drop just now?

So what are the other places where we are seeing the switch towards Elementor?

Back in September, we covered the beta release of Envato Elements, a new plugin that bundles free Elementor templates together, all made by ThemeForest designers. This plugin is later to be connected to Envato Elements, a subscription service offering over 850,000+ assets, Including graphics, video, audio, photos, fonts and more.

Today, this plugin offers over 1,000 Elementor templates, spread across 60 different categories, as well as 500 different Elementor blocks.

That’s not all. ThemeForest also added an Elementor field to their ‘compatible with’ sorting, featuring 196 Elementor based themes and growing. You can also find Elementor as a main category in itself, appearing between other main categies like: Blog / Magazine, BuddyPress, Corporate, Creative and so on.

Envato’s CodeCanyon have also added a main Elementor category, now featuring 53 different plugin addons built on Elementor.

A Call for Theme & Plugin Developers Around the World

It seems that Envato and the developers around it have come to realize the advantage of switching to Elementor-based themes. We encourage this movement and call theme and plugin developers to contact us for help with the transition.

Welcome, Jupiter, to the Elementor family. We’re happy to add you to our community and help spread the word about your great theme. I am sure that moving to Elementor was the right move, and that it will help you grow your theme company and advance it forward into 2019 and beyond.