Introducing Custom Icons: Upload Unlimited Tailor-Made Icon Sets

Elementor Pro version 2.6 gives you the power to upload your own custom icon libraries, integrate to Font Awesome 5 Pro, add exit animations to popups and more.

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Don’t just settle for default icons! Upload any custom icon library of your choice using Elementor.

As a leading design tool, it is our goal to help you create unique and exceptional websites. In the new 2.6 Pro version, we’ve included the ability to add your own custom icon sets, and work with an icon library that fits your needs ‘like-a-glove’ 🧤

Introducing Elementor Pro 2.6: Custom Icon Sets

In our previous release, we introduced a groundbreaking solution for icons, including a streamlined interface and the addition of 1,500+ Font Awesome 5 icons.

Custom Icon Sets takes it a step further, and brings you the ability to add complete sets of custom icons of your choice. Elementor is the first platform to integrate not one, but three of the leading icon font generators: FontelloIcoMoon, and Fontastic.

These services allow you to create and save your own icon sets, either from pre-built icon packs or from your own SVG icons.

All of your custom icon sets are accessible through a single interface, allowing you to speed up your design workflow and remain consistent through and through. The upload process is super simple and once it is done, all the icons will be available inside the new Icon Library.

Every icon you use, no matter which library it comes from, is edited and styled using Elementor’s native styling controls. It completely changes the usual way designers work with custom icons. Don’t settle for pre-made icons from Font Awesome, build your own sets and style them with the power of the Elementor editor.

Font Awesome 5 Pro

Since the previous release of Elementor 2.6, all Elementor users can enjoy Font Awesome 5.

But for all you Pro users… you get a whole lot more, 5,300+ super icons to be exact!

Elementor Pro’s easy integration to Font Awesome 5 Pro gives you access to over 5,300 smashing Font Awesome Pro icons. All you need to do is add your Font Awesome 5 Pro kit ID, and the icons will instantly appear in your library.

Note that this feature is only available to Font Awesome Pro subscribers.

reCAPTCHA v3 integration

With the recent Facebook security outage, it’s clear that website security is important for every site, large or small…

Luckily, we have your back. We added reCAPTCHA v3 to our form user validation.

reCAPTCHA v3 works like magic. It monitors the user’s activity with almost no interruption and gives a quality score behind the scenes, based on the user’s actions. This way, only suspicious users (AKA bots) are given the validation fields, and the experience of screened users remains uninterrupted.

As an admin, you can set the score threshold you desire, zero being the ‘loose’ score and one being the ‘strict’ score.

Much like FontAwesome 5 Pro, the integration is simple and straightforward.

Better luck elsewhere, hackers. This user uses Elementor forms!

Popup Exit Animation

Many of our users wanted us to add the Exit Animation feature to our Popups, and finally, it’s here.

For Exit Animation, once the user closes the popup, instead of the popup disappearing immediately, you can pick a more subtle or unique exit like fade out.

All your favorite types of animations are applicable, including:

  • Fade out
  • Zoom out
  • Slide out
  • Rotate out
  • Light speed out
  • Roll out
  • And much more!

Create Dynamic Archive Templates

Archive templates are the pages that determine the design of your post lists: Your main blog page, search results page, products page.

These pages have two main areas: the list of posts or pages, and the surrounding layout.

In this release, we introduced the option to dynamically set the surrounding layout.

For example, let’s say you are building an archive template for a travel agency. The archive lists the different trips for each country destination.

With this feature, you can show a different banner for each of the destinations, change the contact details and make many other customizations per destination.

The options of customizing your taxonomy archive pages dynamically are limitless, starting from customizing tags, categories, authors and any other custom taxonomy you could think of.

Start creating your own personalized archive pages with Elementor Pro v2.6 now.

Integrate Elementor with Font Awesome 5 Pro and enjoy over 5,300+ smashing icons!

Give Your Sites an Extra Layer of WOW!

All three new Pro features serve to add another layer of customization to your sites:

  • Custom icon sets & Font Awesome 5 Pro integration
  • Popup Exit animations
  • Taxonomies ACF dynamic tags support

As a professional web creator, you need to decide when it’s time to use pre-built solutions, like templates and Font Awesome icons, and when there’s a need to add an extra layer of styling and personal touch.

This ability to differentiate your website designs will give you an edge over the competition, and allow you to increase your prices accordingly.

Make sure you get the new Elementor Pro v2.6, and start building more advanced websites.

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35 Responses

  1. My congratulations!, The custom icon library function is great! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! thanks !, do you know what would be great ?, to be able to use the custom icons anywhere in Elementor, sites like:
    menu, entry and exit icon (X)
    popup, input and output icon (X)
    and in summary any place.

    A greeting!

    1. No freedom of speech I see. Previous comment deleted.
      I was saying that I agree 100% with Frank above. When are these fundamental updates coming to Elementor?

    2. So +1 for this. Still love the update. But the struggle with global typography etc is big. Other pagebuilders have had this for quite some time ⌚

  2. OMG !! Dynamic Archive Templates !! Thanks!!
    Could you give us more details about it? any demo? It seems very interesting and useful to me.

  3. Hi

    Thanks. The issue is that when I upload an SVG from illustrator, the icon becomes monochromatic. Why is that and loses all the original colors. Any idea how to fix that?

  4. It’s like Christmas every month with these wonderful updates.

    But I did find an error. Albeit, a very very small error.

    In the Custom Icon area with the Add New button under the list of Icon Sets it says ‘No Fonts found’ shouldn’t it say ‘No Icon Sets found’? Did you all leave that error in so as not to have Elementor rival nature for perfection?

    I’m using the icons heavily on this page:

    Recommendations and if you have a Mac feel free to download that app. It’s useful/fun and way better than the Mac clock.


    1. Hey! The app looks good but the page it’s really chaotic and feels 90’s. I would recommend you to simplificate the design to look modern and more trustable.

  5. looks neat
    but are “own custom icon libraries” global, or do i need to upload it all again on a new website :)?

  6. Hi,
    i’ve updated my staging site to Elementor and Elementor Pro latest versions and broke everything.

    I already had Custom Icons Plugin and Safe Svg Plugin installed, maybe those are the problem?

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