Introducing Background Slideshow & Fancy Dividers

Elementor 2.7 offers new background capabilities, including background slideshow, Vimeo backgrounds and background video play on mobile. In addition, we added a long list of fancy dividers.

Enjoy New Background Slideshows & Fancy Dividers Available in Elementor Version 2.7

Image backgrounds, video backgrounds, gradient backgrounds… There is only so much you can do to make your website backgrounds special. Here at Elementor, we’re always thinking about giving our users new capabilities that will be translated into stunning website effects.

For version 2.7, we’ve considerably improved our background capabilities so that you can create intricate layouts. I know you are eager to find out all the details about what’s new in version 2.7, so here goes.

Bring Your Background to life

Background Slideshow

Now you can use a slideshow as the background for sections, columns, and even inner-sections. This can help you build more complex structures and layouts, while still preserving a transition effect.

As opposed to using a slider widget, which allows you to use specific layout and limited design options, the background slideshow feature gives you way more flexibility.

Use any widget, with any layout you wish to create, and wrap it all with a beautiful background slideshow to emphasize it nicely. Use the Ken Burns effect to give it another captivating touch.

More background video embed options

Vimeo Video as a Background

As part of enhancing the background capabilities, we’ve added Vimeo as a source for your background videos. So now, both team YouTube and team Vimeo can enjoy sweet backgrounds.

Vimeo has many advantages, like more privacy options, less branding, no ads, and some say better video quality.

Play on mobile

Allow Background Video to Play on Mobile

Up till now, most mobile phones didn’t play background videos. Recent browser policy changes have added this functionality to some browsers. 

You are now able to turn on the “Play On Mobile” switch, and have video backgrounds play on mobile devices, given the device supports it. Learn more in our developers blog.

New ways to separate content

Improved Divider Widget

Dividers are one of the most basic and useful design elements in web design. So, of course, we went ahead and made them even better, with newly added elements and shapes.

Our Divider widget used to be quite basic and traditional. For v2.7, we added some fancy features to it. You can now choose from a list of new shiny SVG dividers and control their style and behavior.

Also, we added the option to include some text or an icon before, in the middle, or after your divider. You can select from our huge library of icons, or add your own icons.

Elementor Version 2.7: United We Stand, Divider We Use.

What’s Next?

In the upcoming versions, we will gradually release major infrastructure improvements, which will allow Elementor to be more extendable, reliable, and stable. You will be able to considerably improve your workflow in accordance with these exciting features. Stay tuned, and let us know which divider is your favorite one in the comments below!

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Ben Pines
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94 Responses

  1. Well, you guys as always have outdone yourselves!
    These are great additions, specifically the small ones like Vimeo video and BG videos on mobile.
    Background slider is another great addition! Could we useful in many cases.
    Thanks a lot!

    1. That and also no response on another feature that MANY have asked for, the ability to use an image url in the image widget. Why no answer at all?

  2. “major infrastructure improvements” “exciting features” -> Maybe some teaser trailer? 🙂

    Demo site is wonderful! Very nice design. Simple, clean, modern… Maybe that could be next month’s template. Or at least a tutorial on the best way to achieve that vertical transparent menu and the right side sticky section. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

    1. “the best way to achieve that vertical transparent menu and the right side sticky section” << I was thinking the same, this would be great!

    2. To create that transparent navigation is actually quite easy. Simple, use two different pop-ups. One narrow with the menu icon and the other one with the navigation itself. The burger menu icon should close its parent pop-up (the narrow one) and open the one which contains the navigation. On the pop-up with the navigation you have to reverse that action. The close button will close the navigation and opens the narrow pop-up with the burger menu icon.

  3. Hi. Nice feature the sliding background. Is it actually possible to add a link to a responsive static background divided in 3 parts (generally used for ad banners): top, left, right or am I missing something? Thanks.

  4. « to achieve that vertical transparent menu and the right side sticky section « 
    > yes I would like you to know too how to do that…?

  5. Still would love it when you design a form that you can integrate with your autoresponder without buying a 3rd party plugin to make it happen.

    1. Your response is way too vague. What auto responder? Because Active Campaign for example allows such an integration without a 3rd party plugin.

    1. Yes, this! Ability to upload our own SVG. Yes, designers would have to make sure it tiles/repeats seamlessly but we’re cool with that! Please make this happen!

  6. This is awesome and really useful esp divider. What about nav menus? There is way less options and sometimes the only reason to buy some theme. Please pay attention and add more features to it.

  7. The fallback image is not the solution. Can someone tell me what you mean by if your device supports it? My clients do not understand this answer, they just want video background on mobile. Thx.

  8. Hi,

    I would like a tutorial on the best way to achieve that vertical transparent menu and the right side sticky section. Thanks!!!!!

  9. Nice feature but what would be an added bonus to the background slideshow would be to have a colour overlay like you can with the static background images.

    For example, #242828 with a 40% opacity level and then white header text on the top describing whatever it is… the end user sees subtle motion and and a nice header.

  10. I personally love the fancy dividers! Really useful for fun and unique brands by using the tribal, zig zag and wavy dividers. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  11. Neat upgrade!

    I’m running into one crucial need with background images on Elementor: the ability to set an image size. Right now, anytime a background image is set, it will use the largest size image uploaded which torpedoes page speed and load time.

    Client can’t always be trusted to upload an optimally sized image so it would be nice to be able to select a theme image size (ie: thumbnail, medium, large), maybe even per device size.

    Does anyone have a good way to handle this? It would be cool if the builder could do it.

  12. I find it ridiculous that people use new posts like this to complain about things that personally want and that have nothing to do with the topic. Go to Facebook, send support requests etc, don’t use blog posts as your soap box.

  13. Wow! Great updates! I have been a big fan of elementor from the first day since I started using it! Recently I tried testing out “beaver builder” and “divi”, just to know if I am missing out something and oh boy; I don’t even remember how fast I uninstalled them and switched back to Elementor!

  14. Hi, Elementor team. Your job transforming the Web Design industry along with WordPress is awesome. If you don’t mind, may I ask you if you can include later in the dividers, one that be a single solid line with fading edges. I mean, is the same solid line, but instead being completeley solid, it goes vanishing (fading out) in both left side (begining) and right side (end).

    This is one of most simple and elegant line dividers that content creators and bloggers can use to divide blocks of text.

  15. Cool! I guess this feature will enhance the slider widget. Up to now, this widget offered very little customisation. I guess now we can build any multiple widget layout, and style it with a background slider / video, right? If so, sounds awesome and very useful for all us digital marketers.

  16. Any improvement in Nav Menus please?? That will save me from buying several themes. As now mobile mode of menu is very poor.

  17. What am I missing here? I’m still on 2.6.8 and Pro 2.6.5 as well. My account on only offers Pro 2.6.5 for download.

  18. I’m loving it more and more. The Elementor developers are great.

    Just a little feedback on the use of sliders on main pages (where speed of download and user comfort is a priority): I would avoid the ken burns effect simply because it can increase the page load time (slow downloading). I’ve tested it with some online speed tests mainly on google, pingdom and gtmetrix.

    However, I also found how to avoid the speed penalty on the page by avoiding the use of Ken burns on the first initial image. This worked for me.

    But, Elementor is a tool I could not be without when it comes to developing websites/pages.

  19. That will be a great update!
    I also love the navigation on the right and the split page. I would like to see how it’s done. Will the design of these pages also be in the update? Or somewhere … as a tutorial?

  20. When will ACF support be added to dynamically set color picker fields in the Elementor editor?

    Please include it in the next update!

  21. Did you add the font swap function you mentioned? Need it desperately for google page speed insights.

    If so where can I access it. Love the background video works great on mobile.

    Thank you so much!

  22. The slideshow background would be super useful but it has a programming flaw, or perhaps it’s a feature… The image darkens during the fade transition. I hope that can be corrected, or if it’s an intended feature I hope a check box is added to turn it off. Meanwhile, I’ll continue using the carousel widget. Thanks Elementor for such an awesome product!

  23. Nice feature, but why does the fade transition speed between slides not work on mobile? The images just switch without any fade in and out animation. On desktop responsive sizing, if I set it to 3000ms it works fine. But when I preview that on mobile, it’s the same as 1ms for transitioning between images.

    1. Actually, I’ve just realised that the fade transition from one image to another works fine on safari, but not on Chrome (iOS) or Android Firefox or Chrome. The Ken Burns works, but not the smooth fade transitions–it just flicks to the next image in an instant transition without the fade.

  24. On a section with background slideshow enabled we have access to overlay and transparency. However, on a column with background slideshow enabled we lose those. Please provide the same overlay and transparency options for Column background slideshow. Else, please provide a custom CSS workaround. Thx!

  25. Question: Is possible to do a Video Background but with auto-slider, so that when a video finish began the next video like playlist but in background css or js? is possible to do that with elementor or i will need something more?

  26. Perfect solution, i was using this for one of the site, only problem arised as a non coder is how i can control the slider ie i would like to pause on mouse hover and also show navigation arrows/dots for user to provide ability to control the movement. any thoughts?

  27. To bad that by using this new “background slider feature”, you lose the “Fixed” background effect, so for all intent and purposes, a pretty useless feature!

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