For our first-ever challenge, we invited Elementor Experts to share their best Marketing Popup. We were blown away by the quality of submissions which captured both our hearts and minds.

While every qualifying submission was worthy of an ‘Expert of the Month Nominee’ Elementor Badge, our chosen winners set themselves apart with their fine execution and successfully struck marketing gold, silver, and bronze, respectively.

We caught up with our winning experts and picked their creative minds for the inspiration behind their praiseworthy popups.

Let’s meet the winners!

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1st Place: Abhinav Jain

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Abhinav Jain Popup Expert Web Creators Of The Month: Top Of The Popups! 1
1st place – Abhinav Jain

What our judges said: “Abhinav’s entry for a soon-to-be-released fictional perfume was well executed and used a popup to creatively boost page conversions in both sign-ups via the popup itself, as well as future sales using a discount. Good job!”

The first-ever Grand Champion of our Monthly Experts Challenge, independent creative Abhinav Jain’s philosophy is simple: “Making user experience a breeze for humans”. This is certainly evident in his “Perfume by Lipsum” popup.

Abhinav’s first-placed popup was specially created for this challenge and designed for the pre-launch of a new Perfume by Loren Ipsum falling within the Health & Beauty, Fashion, E-commerce industries.

He says the inspiration was Elementor’s own template library, “I love how [you] always manage to come up with a beautiful and clean design which is performance-oriented and straight to the point.”

Abhinav explained that the popup’s purpose was to “collect email addresses [to] notify users when the perfume becomes available”. He designed it so that the popup triggers as the user clicks on the ‘Notify Me’ button.

Geared towards customers interested in buying perfumes, the idea of the popup is to “collect email addresses … to send out introductory offers of the perfume with special coupon codes”. This would push customers towards purchase thereby boosting sales.

Built with Elementor using our top-ranked Hello theme, the popup was created using both Elementor Free and Elementor Pro plugins, and designed with Elementor’s Global Styling.

A talented native Indian based in Delhi, Abhinav, who also goes by the name “Alex”, has worked with his fair share of startups, small businesses, as well as some of the biggest names in the industry. He’s also a big fan of networking and believes it is the key to success.

“I help individuals and brands grow by offering them great UI and UX Website Designs that convert,” Abhinav says of his services. “Need a helping hand building an intuitive Elementor Website? Feel free to connect, I’d love to discuss your dream project!”

  • Elementorist Since 2018
  • 15+ Elementor Websites Built

2nd Place & Community Choice Winner: Billie Argent

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Billie Argent Popup Expert Web Creators Of The Month: Top Of The Popups! 2
2nd place – Billie Argent

What our judges said: “Billie implemented a sticky sign-up button that floats along when visitors scroll down her design school page. This keeps the main conversion path visible at all times. Clicking the CTA then launches a registration form popup over the page. Clean and effective!”

Billie Argent is a popular name among our readers, having several of her projects already featured in our Websites of the Month. Billie’s vibrant popup came in as Runner-Up and was also voted the Community Choice Winner.

Billie’s second-placed submission was designed for Brandingo, an Armenian design agency and school within the Design Agency and Education industries. The website is available in 3 languages — English, Armenian, and Russian.

The popup was designed to collect email addresses from students interested in Brandingo’s UI/UX design course, with the form itself linked to MailerLite so that leads would be efficiently collected into one email list.

“The Brandingo website was built to showcase the agency’s talent and knowledge in design, illustration, UI/UX, and branding to potential clients and students,” says Billie, whose agency created Brandingo’s full website.

The design was specifically chosen to appeal to young students, adults, and anyone looking for a career in design.

The popup is triggered when a visitor clicks on “Sign Up” from the Design School page. “We were inspired by the creative agency’s innovative spirit,” notes Billie, “so [we] aimed to reflect this with our web design by making it as dynamic and interactive as possible.”

“From a sliding headline to scroll-responsive Lottie doodles and shapes, parallax motion effects work in harmony to amp up the design,” says Billie.

Built using Elementor’s lightweight Astra theme, the popup was created using Elementor Free and Elementor Pro plugins, as well as Polylang. It was designed with Elementor’s Theme Builder and Global Styling.

A London-based UI/UX and Web Designer, Billie has “a passion for all things remarkable.” She is the Creative Director at Passionate Solutions, a full-service digital agency specializing in providing design, development, marketing, SEO, and hosting solutions for startups, SMEs, as well as brick and mortar stores.

“At Passionate, we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, speed of delivery, and the genuine advice we provide throughout the process!” Billie says of her agency. “We are able to plan and work on multiple aspects of your project simultaneously, optimizing the overall timeline and cost.”

  • Elementorist Since 2017
  • 130 Elementor Websites Built

Joint 3rd Place: Zoë Tame & Imran Siddiq

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Zoe Tame Popup Expert Web Creators Of The Month: Top Of The Popups! 3
3rd place – Zoë Tame

What our judges said: “Zoë designed a ‘thank you’ popup after visitors subscribed to her website. The fun copy and stylish design make this one of the best in this challenge.”

“As designers, our job is to know what your brand will need tomorrow. Like a fortune teller with a time machine,” says Zoë Tame, whose forward-thinking popup took home our joint third-place prize.

Zoë’s submission was designed for a website she uses as her “testing ground for ideas.” Her graphical popup displays a “thank you” message which is triggered once a form has been successfully submitted located in the footer.

To show what’s possible within Elementor, Zoë decided to design a custom pop-up to display the “thank you” message once a user completes the form.

Since footers are effective spaces to feature newsletter subscriptions or signups, Zoë “chose to use a background image for the popup to make a ghost/Pac-Man style graphic and displayed the message within its body.”

As a serial Elementor website creator, Zoë’s collection of footers is ever-growing. So she’s “uploaded them all for testing, modification, and design revisions.” Her “plan in the future is to release a pack of 20 unique Elementor Pro footer templates”.

Built with Elementor’s popular Hello theme, the popup was created using our Elementor Pro plugin. It was designed with Elementor’s Theme Builder, Global Styling, and Template Library.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Zoë runs Visual Tonic, a web agency that “creates websites without hassle, brands without confusion, and campaigns that rise above the noise.” They “collaborate with ambitious brands and love to share [their clients’] online journey.”

“At Visual Tonic, we work with you closely to find out what is really important and how you want to engage with your customers,” says Zoë. “Get in touch today!”

  • Elementorist Since 2018
  • 50+ Elementor Websites Built

Imran Siddiq Popup Expert Web Creators Of The Month: Top Of The Popups! 4
3rd place – Imran Siddiq

What our judges said: “Imran used a well-designed popup as an impressive intro animation for his branded landing page. Nice work!”

“A great site starts with a purpose in mind. Ask yourself, ‘What do I want to accomplish?’” These are the words of Imran Siddiq who was deservedly awarded joint third-place for his striking polygon mesh popup.

Created specifically for our challenge, the inspiration behind Imran’s submission was to create a pop-up that broke with convention – one that “doesn’t flood you with coupons and subscription boxes like an alien invasion!”

The design uses images to create a transitional effect for a landing page entrance before fading away to show the real content. Imran notes that it was made purely using Elementor, without any CSS, code, GIFs, videos, or other plugins.

Imran says, “The popup allows the merging of two images and the eventual appearance of text which forces the brand logo to be visible before anything else can be seen on the page.”

“The popup is a short preloader video not using anything more than motion effects and popup entry/exit settings,” he explains. “I made sure that the close button was deactivated and that the popup automatically disappeared after several seconds.”

Imran reveals that this technique can be used to present any type of message before a screen is loaded, “The popup is designed for anyone who wants to force their brand logo or certain text to hit the viewer before the full landing page is seen.”

Built with Elementor’s favorite Hello theme, the popup was created using our Elementor Pro plugin, and designed with Elementor’s Template Library.

With 62K+ YouTube views, Imran’s popular Web Squadron agency develops exciting funnels that convert and increase sales for businesses. The Leicestershire-based creative specialist provides a robust service including taking care of SEO, Google Core Web Vitals, and Speed Score Performance.

“Let’s crack the website’s message, the font pairings, the color palette, the Calls-To-Action, the images, the logo, the brand, and most definitely – let’s make you feel empowered and excited,” says Imran. “Let’s do it!”

  • Elementorist Since 2020
  • 72 Elementor Websites Built

Our Next Expert Web Creators Challenge: Ecommerce Product Page for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Congratulations to all our winners, and a special thanks to each of our participants. For our next Monthly Experts Challenge, we’re asking you to share your most engaging Ecommerce product page this Thanksgiving season. Show us a product page that lights up Black Friday or makes Cyber Monday a virtual buzz!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Show off your best-converting Product Page or Website on your Elementor Experts Network profile page.
  • Label it “Experts Challenge – Ecommerce Edition.”
  • Drop your Elementor Expert link in our official Hub post.
  • Be sure to comply with our Terms & Conditions.

Submissions are open from 6 PM (GMT+3) October 27th until November 10th. All winners will be announced on our official Hub and Facebook Community page on November 22nd. Please send us your entries before it’s too late!