Improve Your Email Campaigns

Why click: Understand how to improve your emails campaigns with fantastic tools. 
Tag: #Marketing
Time: 7-8 min

Email campaigns are tricky. There are so many problems with them, like maintaining the design for different displays, having delivery failures and poor opening rates. That’s why it’s important to implement certain behaviors and tools to test and check the many aspects of an email like its readability, content, subject lines and more. Make sure that you check out these great tools for testing email newsletters and improve your email campaigns. 

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23 Best Elementor Themes and Templates

Why click: Check out these amazing Elementor themes and templates
Tag: #Elementor
Time: 6-7 min

Elementor is awesome, in case you haven’t heard, and many WordPress themes are made specifically with support for Elementor. If you are asking yourself what the difference between a theme and a template is, then you are in luck since this article explains it. In short, a theme comes with all the basic features and layout design to create a website or a blog, while a template is a layout for a specific page or part of the website. Discover 23 of the best Elementor themes and templates and start using them now to make outstanding websites. 

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Minimalist Websites: What You Need to Know

Why click: Discover why minimalist websites are important and how to create them. 
Time: 6-7 min

Minimalism has its appeal, but it also has benefits. Minimalist design is a process where one aims to be as clear as possible with as little as possible. Minimalist websites help users think faster. They keep users from developing tech burnout and cognitive load, reduce stress, agitation, and frustration and include other UI benefits. Learn how to use black and white backgrounds, focus on clarity, offer choosability and scannability and in general, improve your website’s UX.

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How to Be More Productive and Achieve Every Goal as a Designer

Why click: Become more productive with insights from a designer. 
Tag: #Design
Time: 6-7 min

Being a creative person, like a designer, has its up and downs. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed with the amount of work you do, sometimes you may find yourself in a daunting routine and in a word — get bored. Discover how this designer and his fellow industry patrons managed to get out of their comfortable routine and succeed in life with insights and digital tools. The most important part to remember — understand what you want to achieve.

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24 Logo Color Combinations to Inspire Your Next Logo Design

Why click: Understand what colors do and how to use them in your logo design. 
Tag: #Design
Time: 5-6 min

Color combinations can deliver a message. They can create a mood, and elicit specific emotions in the viewer’s brain. They can also help brands express who they are. Every brand needs a good color palette for their logo. Learn what colors do, how many of them you need, which ones evoke peaceful emotions and which are best to highlight your ideas with these 24 inspiring logo combinations. 

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Why the Divide Between SEOs & Developers Is a HUGE Problem (& How to Fix It)

Why click: Understand how to make your SEOs and Developers work well together.
Tag: #Business 
Time: 6-7 min

Wouldn’t it be great if SEO guys and developers could play well together? There are many reasons behind this less than ideal relationship as both sides have had bad experiences with the other. It seems that SEOs have been faced with pushback when requesting implementations, while developers were put off by black-hat SEOs selling untrustworthy services. Also, SEOs don’t know enough about development, and developers don’t know enough about SEO and this leads to miscommunication and frustration. Explore why animosity between SEOs and developers is bad and learn how you can fix it and hopefully, avoid it.  

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Best Instagram Apps for Marketers

Why click: Take a look at these great Instagram tools for marketers. 
Tag: #Instagram
Time: 4 min

There are numerous Instagram apps out there for different purposes. The guys from Buffer conducted their own research and found the best Instagram apps for marketers. They’ve gathered “single-job” tools that specialize in doing a single job well and have a significant impact on marketers. The collection includes different apps for different, specific purposes like photo-editing, content, and hashtags, videos, stories and more. Take a look at their suggestions and maybe you’ll discover new, interesting tools to use. 

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WPFeedback’s WordCamp Europe 2019 Experience

Why click: Get insights on how to prepare for future WordCamps from the founder of WPFeedback. 
Tag: #WordPress 
Time: 5-6 min

WPFeedback is feedback plugin for WordPress that allows your clients to leave their feedback by simply clicking on a section of their website and making a request. Your clients can add priority and urgency, include screenshots and write requests, and avoid unnecessary spreadsheets, emails, logins and more. Our team met Vito, the founder, in the WCEU in Berlin, and they were impressed. Vito has written a post about how he planned his trip to WCEU and about his experience to help others who want to get the most out of future WordCamps. Check it out.

A Podcast with James Dyson

Why click: Listen to what the founder of Dyson has to say about his journey to success. 
Tag: #Inspiration
Time: 46 min

Check out this amazing podcast with James Dyson. The man has built more than 5,000 prototypes in his backyard searching for the perfect vacuum cleaner design until he finally released one. Today, his company is one of the best-selling vacuum brands in the world and the man is a billionaire. Listen to this podcast, get to know the man and be inspired by him, and maybe it will change your life.