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WeWork Cofounder Adam Neumann May Have to Unload Property to Pay off a Giant Loan

Tag: #Business
Time: 2 min

We work to bring you more news about WeWork (confusing, isn’t it?) 

If you’re following the latest news about WeWork and its financial escapades, then you’d be interested to know that the cofounder, Adam Neuman, may have to sell the company’s property to pay off a giant loan due to him being unable to sell shares of the company to the public.

Top Marketing Trends for 2020

Tag: #Marketing
Time: 5-6 min

This article lives in 2020, while we are still in 2019. Due to the ever-growing and ever-evolving technological advances, everyone must adapt, digital marketing included. Learn about the latest emerging trends (like virtual reality and shoppable posts) and how to use them to your benefit.

Instagram Launches a New Messaging App for Close Friends Called 'Threads'

Tag: #Instagram
Time: 5 min

Pull on this thread to learn more about Instagram’s “Threads”. 

Instagram has launched a new messaging app for your closest friends, where your contacts will be defined by your Instagram’s “close friends” list. 

It comes with all the usual features plus two interesting ones, the Status and the Auto Status, where you can either manually or automatically set an emoji as an away message. Cool!

The 7 Best Old-School Web Design Tools

Tag: #Design
Time: 3-4 min

There’s no school like old school! 

While there are new tools coming out every month, there are some older tools that prove to be extremely useful. After all, they’ve stuck around for some time.

Take a look at these amazing, old-school, web design tools.

What Is a User Persona and How Is It Relevant to UX?

Tag: #Design
Time: 6 min

Like any other persona, the user persona is capricious. 

It’s a “hypothetical archetype of an actual user profile according to their expectations, needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns” (what a mouthful!). 

Learn more about the user persona, its relevance to UX and how to effectively take advantage of it.

The 4 Biggest Product Launch Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Tag: #Business
Time: 5 min

To make a mistake, or to not make a mistake, that is the question. Launching a new product is exciting. With all the excitement, however, there are also many opportunities for mistakes.

Learn about the four biggest product launch mistakes and how to avoid them.

7 Ways to Get a Free Logo

Tag: #Design
Time: 13 min

Free stuff is good, and free logos are better, right? 

Logos are absolutely necessary for any company, but, like pieces of art, they can be very expensive. Ironically, the people who need logos the most, are young, unknown companies that have the least amount of money to spend. 

Have no fear, however, since there are at least 7 ways with which you can get a free logo to get your growing company going.