Elementor just passed the highest milestone possible for a WordPress plugin: 5 million active installs.​

I’m thrilled to share that today, Elementor reached the important milestone of five million active installs in the WordPress repository.

Only three other plugin developers reached this number: Takayuki Miyoshi, Team Yoast, and Automattic.

On behalf of the entire Elementor team, I’d like to offer our gratitude to each and every member of the community for supporting us. Five million thank yous go out to everyone who has been using Elementor over the past four years. From the early adopters to those latest to try it. We’re lucky to have one of the strongest communities on WordPress, and on the planet, for that matter.

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Looking At The Numbers, It's Inspiring To See How Elementor Grew Over The Past Few Years

A huge Thank you goes to everyone who has tried and trusted our product over the past 4 years. We’re lucky to have such an engaged user community — and we promise to keep listening and learning.

If you recall, just 3 and a half months ago we celebrated our 4 million installs milestone by letting you choose the next Elementor feature. We have been working hard to finish this feature, and in the next few days will release a sneak peek for the upcoming multi-step form builder feature.

Five million is where the WordPress repository stops counting, but for us, this is just the beginning. Our goal is to empower as many web creators as possible, so building websites will be a frictionless, worthwhile, thriving profession, whether you are a freelancer, agency owner or working as part of a web team.

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Just 4 Years After Launch, Elementor Already Comprises 7% Of All Wordpress Websites

Being a WordPress-based platform has surely helped Elementor develop, especially at our early stages. I am happy to share that according to the data, we are returning the favor. 

We love WordPress, and we were recently pleased to find out that Elementor actually expands it by introducing new users to the CMS. From internal surveys we conducted we discovered that over 30% of our users are first introduced to WordPress through our platform. We are extremely proud to ease some of the frictions of onboarding, spreading the word about WordPress to the rest of the world.

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Elementor Expands Wordpress By Introducing New Users To The Cms

Now that the world is rapidly shifting into an online economy, it has never been a better time to build yourself as a professional web creator. We are eager to continue to help you grow your business, using our platform. As our platform grows, it helps us learn about the needs of web designers, marketers, developers, and other web professionals.

Here’s to the mutual growth of your business with Elementor!