This has been a huge year for the Elementor community. We have strengthened the foundations of our plugin and hosted websites, adding features that enhance our designs and workflows, significantly improving your sites’ performance, while integrating innovative AI technology directly into the Editor. 

These improvements have helped you build 9.4% of the internet with Elementor, and turned Elementor to the most popular WordPress plugin. So before we start 2024, let’s remember what made 2023 a great year for Web Creators. 

Improved Performance

Whether you are building and managing websites built with our plugin or with Elementor Hosting Website Builder, they got faster every time you updated them to a new version of Elementor. 

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Plugin Performance 

During the past year, your core web vital metrics, which measure your site’s loading times, have continued to improve. A comparison between version 3.10 and 3.18 has revealed a 25% improvement in the Time To First Byte (TTFB) metric and a 20% improvement in the First Contentful Paint (FCP) metric. Additionally, enabling features like Flexbox Containers provides an additional performance boost.

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Elementor Hosted Websites Are Faster than Ever

Your Elementor websites are even faster when hosted by us. During the past year we have optimized Elementor Hosting for speed and performance and are happy to share that our websites have been outperforming the industry average for quite some time now.

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Powerful Plugin Features

Performance wasn’t the only part of your website that improved. Throughout 2023 we released 8 new versions of the plugin that gave you new design tools and streamlined your workflow. The new versions included 41 brand new features like Nested Elements, Taxonomy Filter, and so much more. You also got 238 improvements to existing features. All those new versions resolved an astounding 72 of your top GitHub requests. 

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AI-Powered Creation

2023 will go down in history as the year generative AI broke into our lives in countless different fields. Elementor AI made sure web creation was one of them. Our goal was to empower you with AI tools that would enhance your workflow, giving you new and faster ways to achieve pixel-perfect results. The first features released allowed you to generate text, images, and code directly in your browser. Later versions included image editing tools like Replace and Remove Background, Generate Variations of Images, Generative Fill, and more. Just before the end of the year, you can now combine all of these features with AI-generated container layouts. This new AI-powered feature allows you to generate complete Elementor layouts, including their content, with a simple prompt like “Create a pink 404 page for a clothing store.” You can also use existing containers as a reference and generate similar variations. Furthermore, you can use the open internet as a reference by providing Elementor AI with a URL.

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Elementor Hosting: The Top Choice for your Elementor Website

Elementor Hosting has taken a major step forward over the past year, matching the industry’s best with features like advanced staging and cloning alongside tools that give you full control over your site like SFTP and Database Access. You also got the brand new business hub, where you can easily set up your domain and professional email and ensure a strong online presence with other branding tools. We made sure that hosting your Elementor websites with us is faster than anywhere else. With our unique Accelerated Plugins, an Integrated Caching Tool, and a leap to Google Cloud’s top tier, your visitors notice the difference.

With Elementor Hosting, getting started on your website has never been faster. Whether you’re starting from scratch, using our kits or migrating a site, setting up is now a matter of minutes, thanks to our intuitive tools and setup checklist. Additionally, with features like the ‘Recent Pages’ tool and ongoing enhancements, we’re constantly innovating to further improve your workflow. Lastly, we started offering comprehensive Multi-Site Plans, a significant upgrade to our hosting solutions, bringing you both flexibility and scalability.

Thats a Wrap on 2023 – Bring on 2024!

The past year has been incredible for web creators. The plugin has made significant progress with 8 new versions, introducing powerful design tools and capabilities to streamline your workflow. We have also incorporated the AI revolution into the Editor, providing you with tools that were unimaginable just a few months ago. Additionally, we have taken Elementor Hosting to a new level, surpassing industry standards with lightning-fast performance and hosting tools that make it the best choice for hosting any Elementor website. We are excited to continue this momentum and bring even more empowering features to web creators in 2024.