Worldwide, web creators rely on website kits and templates to get their sites up and running quickly. These allow them to get inspired and to use a pre-designed kit as a blueprint that can be customized and adjusted according to the business’s needs to create a robust website. 

These Kits also vary in the way they are built and some might be more challenging than others, which is why we created the ‘Basic’ category. These Kits were built with a simplified structure that contains all the kits that can help you kick start your projects, without compromising on the design. Elementor offers hundreds of full website kits in different layouts, in a variety of categories, and we recently introduced Wireframes Kits as well, to help you translate your ideas from a concept into a full-blown design website in a more simple and efficient way. 

There’s a slight difference between Wireframes and ‘Basic’ ones. Wireframe Kits are more blueprints that help web creators to start the ideation process faster by using simple, non-colored elements, almost like placeholders, and that way it helps to focus on the page’s general structure and hierarchy of information. While ‘Basic’ kits are fully designed, yet built in a way that makes applying your own style more streamlined and accessible.

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Leaner Structure, Better Performance

The cliche “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, is generally true.

Basic kits come with all the elements and functionalities a professional website needs to have, with plenty of room for you to customize for your needs.

Once you explore the ‘Basic’ website kits you’ll understand that they are not simple in their design, but rather in the way they were built; with fewer elements, and less complicated overlays that is much easier to change and customize. When built with a leaner and simpler structure, it results in better performance. Less code output — better loading speed. 

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There’s a Kit for Every Need

These 12 Kits offer different designs that match different types of websites, from ecommerce and Portfolios to Education and Blogs, but don’t feel constrained by its category, use your creativity and customize it to your own business’s look and feel. Let’s explore some of them, shall we?

Ecommerce – Home Decor Shop

Maximize your store conversions and product sales with this handmade decor shop website kit featuring a clean, classic design. With a simple layout focused on highlighting product images, this kit is easily customizable for your own store!

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Business & Services – Consulting Company

Capture potential clients’ attention with this sleek & bold business consulting company website kit. Large typography combined with a clean black & white layout creates the perfect setting for you to show off your modern brand.

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Creative – Digital Marketing Studio

Stand out from competitors & grow your business with this creative digital marketing studio website kit. A minimalist structure, eye-popping colors, and stylish typography allows you to show off your creative work and make your services irresistible to potential clients.

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Portfolio & CV – Landscape Photography Portfolio

Share your photos & adventures with the world in a bold way with this image-focused landscape photography website kit. With the use of tiled galleries, huge images, and a minimalistic journal, your visitors won’t be able to stop following your journey.

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Blog – Food Blog

Tempt your visitors’ tastebuds with the simple image-oriented layout of this food blog website kit. Featuring a clean structure with large images and blog posts designed to feature recipes, your audience will be hungry for more content!

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Education – Child Daycare Center

Grow your early childhood education business with this gentle, inviting child daycare website kit. Let the soft colors, playful illustrations, and trendy box shadow style attract young parents to visit your center and sign their children up!

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Health & Wellness – Nutrition Consultant

Help your future clients digest the services and health benefits you offer with this nutrition consultant website kit. This design features an all-natural feel, with rounded masked images, earthy colors, and plant-based illustrations.

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Jumpstart Your New Project

Building a website is a creative process that demands time and patience, and there are many ways to jumpstart your project. The goal is to find the most efficient way to build it in the most rapid way, and Basic website kits could be the right way for you. Basic doesn’t mean less attractive, the opposite is true — sometimes it’s the best solution as long as you apply your brand’s guidelines within the design.

Let us know in the comments how the Basic kits helped you get started quicker.