What is Fixed Positioning in Web Design?

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A Fixed Position is one of six values for the position property where the element is placed relative to the user’s viewport or the actual browser window. The viewport doesn’t change when the window is scrolled, so an element in a Fixed Position is unaffected by scrolling.

The primary purpose of graphic design is to create guidelines for positioning elements in a layout proportionately and at scale. An effective grid defines a design’s rhythm and meter. Additionally, a grid makes content accessible by helping viewers know where to find the following information in the layout. 

What is the Position Property?

Several position properties specify the type of element positioning method a web designer will use. Elements are positioned using the top, bottom, right, and left properties. However, the properties will not work unless the position property is set. 

Properties also work differently depending on the position value. There are five position values: absolute, static, relative, fixed, and sticky. 

For instance:

  • Static is the default position for every page element. The element is in its natural state, positioned simply by the natural flow of the page. 
  • Absolute is a powerful method where you can place any page element exactly where you want it.
  • In the Fixed Position, the element is positioned relative to the user’s viewport.

Why Use the Fixed Position?

In the fixed position, the element is removed from the document flow as with absolute positioned elements. Thus, they behave almost identically, breaking the grid to create a unique design, except fixed positioned elements are always relative to the document, not any particular parent, and unaffected by scrolling. 

The fixed position may be used for a navigation bar, for example, that you wish to keep visible at all times irrespective of a page’s scroll position. To avoid a fixed positioned element overlapping content making it inaccessible, ensure you have enough space to prevent it.


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