What Is Growth-Driven Design?

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Growth-Driven Design is a systematic approach that shortens time to launch by utilizing actual data and continuous learning and improvement. 

Growth-Driven Design is an approach to website design and maintenance that successfully minimizes the perils of traditional site design. 

How to Use Growth-Driven Design

Websites need to evolve and grow along with a business. However, mentioning website redesign sends site owners and marketing teams into panic just thinking of the arduous, all-absorbing process ahead, based on guesswork of success at best. 

In contrast, growth-driven design (GDD) changes the approach of traditional site-building and expansion methods. Optimizing a website based on accurate user data builds a site quickly and efficiently that best supports business goals with less risk.  

Another critical difference is that a traditional redesign makes changes all at once. With this method, the “new” site’s content may become redundant as the business changes and grows in a year or two. GDD works in “dashes” for shorter timeframes reducing risk and cost. The redesign is an ongoing process of testing, continuous learning, and informed improvements based on research from visitors’ behavior on a site.

The Three Pillars of Growth-Driven Design

  1. The strategy blueprint phase: Conduct quantitative research through a site and an analytics audit. Exploring how users arrive at a site, interact with it, and are dropping off or bouncing. 
  1. Launchpad phase: Launch the imperfect “Launch Pad website” quickly. Avoid getting stuck on analysis, features, or content while building the launch pad. Of course, no one launches a perfect site on the first go. However, this launch improves your existing website and serves as a kick-off point to continuously improve.
  1. Iterative development and continuous improvement phase: With a launch pad site live, you should constantly research, collect user data, make improvements, and conduct tests to understand how to reach peak performance and grow your business.


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