Improvements to the Container UI

Improving the Container UI

Elementor 3.7 includes a number of improvements to the container UI.

UI Changes in the Container

The following changes are being made to the container UI.

  • The Layout tab is no longer divided into Container and Items sections. The Container’s dimension and Items settings are all now located in the Container section.
  • The Overflow and HTML tag properties are now located under Additional Options in the Layout tab.
  • The Justify Content and Align Items properties have been reversed in the editor to better represent the standard Flex CSS hierarchy.

Previous and current UI

Previous UIUpdated UI


Q: I have already been using containers. Will this update break my existing Containers?

A: No. The changes that were made were for better usability in the editor. Since the same property classes are being used, existing containers will not be affected.

Q: I cannot find the overflow options in my container settings.

A: The overflow property was relocated to the Additional Options section of the Layout tab.

Q: I cannot find the HTML tag options in my Container settings.

A: The HTML tag property was relocated to the Additional Options section of the Layout tab.

Q: Is it safe to use containers on my production website yet?

A: The container is still an Alpha experiment. Feedback is still being collected and the usability is in continuous development. While the  feature is relatively stable, we cannot recommend it on production websites. For more information about experiments and status visit our Help Center.

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