Introducing Copy Style & Copy Paste

With the Copy Style & Copy Paste features, you can duplicate WordPress pages, posts or part of them, copy and paste styles, and even copy an element from one page to another.

If you’ve created WordPress websites before, you know the process inherently includes a considerable amount of repetitive work. When working on designing a set of icon boxes, for example, you need to repeat the same design process for each icon box. 

This is not the most optimal process, obviously.

No matter which website you are currently creating, you will most likely need to apply and reuse the same styles across different areas. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a simple way to take a style from one widget, and apply it to another?

Now, you can, with Elementor’s Copy Paste & Copy Style features!

New Feature

Introducing Copy Style

Take any style from any element, and paste it anywhere on the page. This feature enables you to copy section, column, and widget styles instantly.

We’ve worked hard on perfecting this feature, because we believe it will become essential for all users. No matter which website or landing page you are currently building with Elementor, using Copy Style will substantially speed up your design process. It will also make your experience using Elementor more fun and streamlined, allowing you to focus more on the creative process, and less on technical adjustments.

Copy Here, Paste There - The New Workflow In Elementor

copy / Paste

Not Only Copy Style - Copy Elements as Well​

Everyone loves the ease of use of drag and drop functionality. That said, dragging an element across the entire page gets old fast.

That’s where Copy Paste Elements comes in handy. Simply CMD / CTRL+C on any widget, column or section, and paste it anywhere on the page with CMD / CTRL +V.

Your dragging & scrolling days are over!

It is now much easier to switch elements around, duplicate and move your layout in a flexible and seamless manner.

unique feature

Copy Paste Elements Between WordPress Pages!

Most web designers reuse design elements not only inside a page, but also across different pages.

This is part of what makes Elementor’s Copy / Paste functionality game-changing.

You can now take any style or element from one page, and paste it inside other pages on your site. For example, take a section from your homepage, and put it in your contact page. Take a style from your Pricing page, and place it in your About page. The possibilities are endless.

Before, you had to go through the laborious process of saving an element as a template, then inserting that template inside a new page.

Now do it in the blink of an eye – CMD / CTRL+C > CMD / CTRL+V. Done and done.

The element or style will be copied to the new location instantly.

Widgets, columns, and sections are not the only thing you can copy and paste. In fact, you can also copy and paste the entire Elementor page copy!

context menu

Right Click - A Cleaner UI for a Faster Workflow

When you try Elementor 2.1, I’m sure the first thing you will notice is the brand new clean interface, featuring minimalistic setting handles.

‘Where did all the controls go?’ You might ask.

We added a context menu that appears when you right click on any element on the page. This opens a dropdown displaying all the previous actions, as well as the new copy style and copy paste features.

Quick restart

Reset Style​

No need to retrace your steps. You can easily return to the default style settings of every element by clicking on Reset Style. This way, there is always an option to start over and undo all the style changes with one click.

Right clicking on sections, columns or widgets will display these options:

  • Edit 
  • Duplicate
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Paste Style
  • Reset Style
  • Delete
  • Save as a Global (for widgets)
  • Add New Column (for columns)
  • Save as Template (for sections)

Right clicking on the ‘Add section / template’ area will display these options:

  • Paste
  • Copy all content
  • Delete all content
Need the browser’s original right click functionality? No problem.
Just click CTRL / CMD + Right Click, and the original context menu will appear. If you are a developer and want to inspect an element, this is the way to do it.

New in Elementor 2.1

UI & Other Features Introduced in v2.1​

Many UI improvements have been added to this version, including: the Right Click menu we mentioned earlier, new minimalistic element handles (the controls at the top of sections, columns and widgets), icons that replace the previous ‘Add section / template’ buttons, and collapsible categories in the panel.

In the following weeks, we will cover the many other features and improvements introduced in Elementor v2.1. This includes Gutenberg compatibility, CLI, further video options, image CSS filters, custom breakpoints, and more.

Take v2.1 for a spin and try out the new Copy Style, Copy Paste, and Copy Between Pages features. We believe this will have a huge impact on anyone using Elementor to create websites and landing pages. Let me know what you think of the new Copy Paste features in the comments below.

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Ben Pines
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106 Responses

  1. been playing along in the beta, got so quickly used to the copy paste and how fast my workflow went. So thank you guys once again for making elementor even better.

  2. can’t wait to try this out – our previous page builder did have copy-paste (+copy options) features and it was a game-changer. Keep up the good work!

  3. So happy that this has been added, been an Elementor user for 1+ year now. I love it. The next step please make it so the sidebar can be detachable like Divi visual composer allows.

  4. Like a Pinky and the Brain, Elementor Team will take over the word! 🙂

    Congratulations, you are the best!!

  5. Love your plugin… and these changes are great… except, the latest update of FREE elementor, which is required to make elementor PRO work, is broken in a number of ways (most obvious to me is that the parallax function is broken)… I did go mention this on the support portal through wordpress plugin support for your plugin)…

  6. Copy and paste is something we’ve been DYING to get our hands on since switching to Elementor earlier this year! Keep up the good work!

  7. Will you guys make a gradient options for buttons too? I would be really happy if you do! Anyway I really like the new update, however it was a bit weird to use shortkeys 😀 I can’t wait to the new WooCommerce widget update <3

  8. I am a little confused.
    1) If I copy a style or element, and then past that style or element in various places, what happens to the other copies if I change the style or element in one location?
    Do the other copies automatically change?
    2) If I change a style or element, then must I manually paste the changed version in all the places I copied the original to?
    3) Can I look at a table somewhere to help me remember all the places I pasted the copies to?
    4) What if I want to change only one of the copies and not change the others, or instead, what if I do want to change all the others?
    5) Does this work by creating a template when I press control&right-click? If so can I access the new template somewhere?
    6) What happens in the HTML and CSS coding? Can I view the code?
    Thank you very much for this valuable addition to Elementor Pro.

  9. My account page shows v2.0.13 available for download. No version 2.1.
    If I go back the the Elementor home page and click on “Free Download,” (no version number given) elementor is offered for download.
    So my previous post must be mistaken when I thought this was an Elementor Pro feature.
    It must be a normal Elementor feature.
    Well, sorry for my mistake.
    Thank you very much for this valuable addition to Elementor.

  10. This sounds awesome. It keeps getting better day by day, making lives of us Digital Marketers easy to build websites and be less dependent on the dev teams and their dev cycles.

  11. Awesome! Proud of you!
    I know this option now is a great help and a real time saver!! but you know what is more awesome? To copy and paste between different Sites!! Copy a section from site A and paste it in site B! This will be a Hit ??

  12. An awesome and great time saving feature which cuts down on the mundane, leaving me free to focus on the design etc.

    Many thanks for this guys, your work is really appreciated

  13. OMG, this is AMAZING news! I literally just spent a couple hours yesterday doing this. Wish I would have waited a few days to see this video first lol. Can’t wait to use these features moving forward 🙂

  14. So amazing! I really really love that the improvements you’re making are for the sake of better UX and streamlined functionality, not bloated trendy features. One question I have about the copy/paste. Is it on the roadmap to save or copy the actual styles for use in a child theme or as a global CSS style? The one workaround I’ve had with Elementor is re-creating certain styles so I can apply them globally using a custom class.

  15. Guys, loving the new copy/paste function and UI updates. fantastic stuff!
    But one thing I’ve found frustrating is copy/pasting stuff in the sidebar no longer works (which I only find out when I’ve navigated to another section to paste something, only to find it wasn’t copied using Ctrl + C).

    Currently the only way to copy/paste text in sidebar is to highlight, right click then copy. Can we get shortcuts back for the sidebar? Or is this not possible?

      1. Hey, thanks for posting amazing articles. These blogs would definitely help us keep posted about new trends in the market.

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        <a href="CbseLearner

  16. I am Just newbie blogger and trying to do some hard work , i am using free theme but i am not satified with the design at this time elementor helped me like god gift

  17. Currently, I am using the Divi Theme. I wanted to use Elementor to my Blog because in Divi there are so many bugs even in the latest version.

    But I have purchased this WordPress them, so waiting for creating a new Blog under Elementor.

  18. Thank you very much for this valuable addition to Elementor Pro. I also use Elementor Pro and this article is very helpful for me…thanks

  19. In my one website, I use Elementor and the other one use D*** Theme.

    Copy and Paste system of Elementor Them is better than any theme.

    I appreciate these cool features.

  20. I was eagerly waiting for this feature because in my tasks I usually make one page and try to copy and paste earlier it was so harder but you guys have released such a beautiful update thank you so much

  21. Thank you Elementor Team!

    I recently started my blog on WordPress and find the best page builder, that is Elementor.
    Really happy for its awesome features. I really love these amazing features. Thanks again

  22. I am new to Elementor a using a home page set in wordpress as a post page and would like to create an Elementor Static page. Being this new, I would like to begin by duplicating the home page post page as it is into Elementor to begin and make changes from there rather than re-creating the page in Elementor. This way I can learn Elementor as I make changes.
    Is this possible and if so, is there a step by step to complete this task?

    Secondly, your video speed is so fast that it is difficult to view each of the samples. Is there no way to slow down the video’s?

    Thank you

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