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Elementor 2.1 – Overview

Last Update: July 17, 2023

The new Elementor 2.1 includes solutions to many requests that our users have sent to us over time. 

Right Click

Starting from Elementor Version 2.1, we transferred all of our editing controls to a new context menu, that appears when you Right Click a Page/Section/Column/Widget handle.

Note: To access the browser’s original right-click functionality click CTRL/CMD + Right Click.


When you  Right Click you’ll find the Copy and Paste functions. There are three different types of Copy/Paste:

Copy/Paste Elements – Now you can simply Copy an element (Widget, Column or Section) and Paste it anywhere on the page. When pasting on top of a widget, the pasted element will be placed below it.

Tip: Use the shortcut CTRL/CMD + C, and then CTRL/CMD + V, to copy and paste elements.

Copy/Paste Element Style – With Paste Style, you can paste the style of any element you copy (Widget, Column or Section), then apply it on any other Widget, Column or Section.

Copy/Paste Between Pages – Copy Paste and Copy Style actually work between pages! You can Copy any Widget, Column or Section, and Paste it on a different page on your site.

Reset Style – You can easily return to the default style settings of every element by right clicking and choosing Reset Style.

To learn more about  copy-paste click here

Right Click – Page Level

Right Click anywhere on the drop area, will get you these Page level options:

  1. Copy All Content – You can copy the entire page content and paste it to a different page.
  2. Delete All Content – The ‘Delete All Content’ option moved into the Page Level Right Click.
Elementor drop area

Elementor drop area

UI Improvements

  1. New collapsible categories in the Widgets panel
  1. You can search the Widgets by Keywords
  2. Add New Section / Template’ buttons
Elementor drop area

Change Mobile & Tablet Breakpoints

You can set the mobile and tablet breakpoint values.

  1. Go to Elementor > Settings > Style Tab, and set the breakpoint value for mobile and tablet
  2. Save your changes
  3. Go to Elementor > Tools > General Tab > Regenerate CSS, click Regenerate Files

New Video Features

The New Video Features includes:

  1. Self-hosted videos with HTML5
  2. Start and End times for the Video Widget (for supported platforms)
  3. Show/Hide YouTube logo
  4. Added Dailymotion videos
  5. Set Start and End times for Background Video

To learn more about Elementor’s video features

Image CSS Filters

  1. You can add CSS Filters to Image / Image Box Widgets
  2. Added Blend Modes for background overlay in Column & Section

To learn more about CSS Filters and blend modes

Gutenberg 3.0+ Compatibility

Switch between Gutenberg and Elementor, using the ‘Edit with Elementor‘ button within Gutenberg.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

Connect your domain to Elementor Hosting

Connect your domain to Elementor Hosting

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