We’re excited to introduce the much anticipated Display Conditions feature that empowers you to display elements according to various conditions and parameters. You can also streamline collaborations by customizing teammates’ widget panel from the Element Manager according to their assigned role. This version also keeps your forms spam free with a seamless integration between the Form Builder and the Akismet spam filter. Additionally, we’ve integrated the power of AI Containers in the Elementor template library so you can generate content and style variations of professionally-designed templates to perfectly match your website. You can also use URLs from the open web as a reference for generating whole containers. 

Cover 1 Introducing Elementor 3.19: Display Conditions, Role Permissions In The Element Manager, And More 1

[Pro] New: Display Conditions – Turn Any Page Into a Personalized & Dynamic Experience 

Display Conditions introduces a world of web building possibilities, empowering you to turn any page into a dynamic visitor experience based on different conditions and rules. These conditions can be based on factors such as the time and date of the visit, the visitor’s identity, and the type of page they are viewing. You can add multiple conditions to any element and link them using the “AND” logic. This means the element will only be visible to visitors if all conditions are met simultaneously.

For example, if you want to promote a weekend sale, you can choose to display a marketing banner on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Set the “Day of the week” condition to “Is” and select the desired days for displaying the marketing banner.

Another way to use display conditions is by making your blog posts exclusive for subscribers. Create a container that blocks visitors from viewing the post content except for its title and excerpt. In the same container, place an invitation for visitors to subscribe in order to read the full post. Then, set the display conditions of the subscription invitation container to “Role”, “Is Not”, and select the “Subscriber” option. This way, only subscribers will be able to access the full post, as the container invitation to subscribe will block the blog content for visitors who aren’t subscribers. 

This feature will be available in the Advanced, Expert, and Agency Elementor Pro subscriptions as well as all of the Elementor Hosting subscriptions. As a special exception, this feature will be available for Legacy Essential subscriptions purchased before December 4th, 2023 as well. We look forward to seeing how you use this feature on your website! 

Pro Element Manager Role Permission Introducing Elementor 3.19: Display Conditions, Role Permissions In The Element Manager, And More 2

[Pro] Customize Teammates’ and Clients’ Widget Panels from the Element Manager

This version improves collaboration with teammates and other stakeholders by introducing role permissions into the Element Manager. This allows you to customize the widgets displayed in the Widget Panel of each team member based on their assigned role in the Role Manager. For example, you can remove advanced widgets like the “Loop Grid”, or all “WooCommerce” related Widgets from the Widget Panel of all users defined as “Author”.  As a result, the widget panel becomes more focused, only showing the relevant widget for each role.

Unlike disabling widgets with the Element Manager, modifying a widget’s role permissions will not impact the frontend of your site or remove existing widgets from the canvas. The widget will still be visible to visitors, but users without permissions to a specific widget will not be able to add that widget into the Editor.

Pro Akismet Anti Spam Integration In The Form Builder Introducing Elementor 3.19: Display Conditions, Role Permissions In The Element Manager, And More 3

[Pro] Filter Spam with the Akismet Integration 

The Form Builder now integrates seamlessly with the Akismet spam filter to protect your forms from spam submissions. Akismet works in the background, using AI technology to detect spam with 99.9% accuracy without any additional interactions required by your visitors. This creates a seamless experience for visitors, while also protecting site managers. 

The Akismet plugin can be enabled on four different field types: “Name,” “URL,” “Email,” and “Message. Once the filter is enabled, submissions suspected as spam won’t appear in your submissions page and won’t be sent by email. This makes it easier for you to manage actual messages from visitors.

This feature is available in the Advanced, Expert, and Agency Elementor Pro subscriptions as well as all of the Elementor Hosting subscriptions.

Ai Text To Elementor Introducing Elementor 3.19: Display Conditions, Role Permissions In The Element Manager, And More 4

[Elementor AI] Inspire Your Creation with Web-Based Container Generation 

Stumbled upon a website design that inspires you? Copy its URL into Elementor AI, choose which part of the page you want to use as a reference, type in a prompt if you want to adjust to content and style, and there you go – three variations of Elementor Containers inspired by the design you selected and optimized for performance. This allows you to create intricate layouts inspired by your favorite designs in minutes, streamlining your workflow and making creating with Elementor more efficient than ever. And rest assured, the new design you choose is yours, and no copyrights are infringed as the technology only uses the URL as a reference and doesn’t copy it.

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Ai Generate Container Variations From The Template Library Introducing Elementor 3.19: Display Conditions, Role Permissions In The Element Manager, And More 5

[Elementor AI] Generate Container Variations from the Template Library

This version adds a “Generate Variations” button on the template selection screen, allowing you to use any template or pre-designed block as a reference to create AI-generated container variations. You can also add a prompt that brings the results even closer to your desired outcome.

Generating variations of templates will provide three different AI based versions of the template, each with its own style and content. You can also generate container variations from the Template Library directly from the AI Containers prompt input and have the flexibility to manually customize each container, refining your results with styling options and additional AI tools such as the text generator and image editing capabilities. 

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Minimum Required PHP Version 7.4

As part of our ongoing efforts to introduce new features, improve performance, and enhance security, it is necessary to fully utilize the capabilities of the latest versions of PHP. Therefore, this version of Elementor will only be compatible with websites running PHP version 7.4 and later, we encourage you to update your PHP version to a compatible one to use the latest updates. If your server still uses older PHP versions, your website will continue to function, but you will not be able to update to Elementor 3.19. For more information, read about Elementor’s roadmap to upgrade PHP versions

Additional Updates Introducing Elementor 3.19: Display Conditions, Role Permissions In The Element Manager, And More 6

Additional Updates

  • Mega Menu Enhancement: Style the dropdown indicator including its size, spacing, rotation, and color.
  • Additional Custom Units: Added various custom units like rem, em, vw and more to all style controls across the Editor.
  • Editor Workflow Hints: Improve accessibility and SEO with hints in the editing panel when an image is missing an alt text.
  • Responsive Gradient Background: Adjust the location and angle settings of gradient backgrounds according to breakpoints with responsive controls. 
  • JSON Upload Permissions: Set which roles can upload JSON files to ensure the highest security standards when your website has multiple collaborators. 

Create Dynamic Visitor Experiences, Streamline Collaborations, and Protect Your Forms with Elementor 3.19

This version focuses on creating tailored experiences for your visitors and teammates. Display Conditions allow you to build dynamic experiences based on the content of your site, the identity and behavior of the visitors, and parameters like date & time. You can also create focused working environments for teammates collaborating on your site by setting permissions in the Element Manager based on their assigned roles. Additionally, the Akismet integration seamlessly protects your forms from spam submissions. You can also extend the predesigned blocks and designs in your Template library by using Elementor AI to generate variations of those designs. Use them in combination with your prompts to achieve your full design vision. 

Let us know your thoughts on these new features and how you plan to use them in your next project!