We packed a whole lot of functionality inside our new version. Last week, we reviewed the set of Copy Paste features, as well as other UI improvements. This week, you’ll have the chance to discover other helpful features that were introduced: Video enhancements, custom breakpoints, Gutenberg compatibility, and WP-CLI integration.


Expanding Video Capabilities

You know the song ‘Video killed the radio star’? Well, it’s also killing it in web design. A homepage of any business that doesn’t include a short explainer video is rare these days.

That’s precisely why we expanded the video widget and the video background options.

Self-hosted & Dailymotion video support

Besides YouTube and Vimeo, you can now also embed videos that are self-hosted and Dailymotion videos.

Advantages of self-hosted videos include:

  • Privacy and control: With GDPR and related privacy issues, this has become even more important
  • Ownership: Self hosting helps you prevent others from stealing your video. It also eliminates the danger of getting your video deleted. 
  • Personalization: The video will not feature any logos or links, making it look more professional and keeping visitors on your site
  • UX: Your visitors won’t be shown ads or suggested videos, that distract them and possibly show them your competitors

Start & End Time for Video Widget & Background

For supported platforms, you can now set a start and end point for the video widget and the video background as well, so only part of the video is played. This feature makes it super easy to loop the relevant part of the video you want to display to your visitors.

Modest Branding

For Youtube videos, you can now select ‘Modest Branding’ to hide the Youtube logo from the embedded video.

How to Add a Video Background to Elementor

In case you are wondering, here’s the right way to add a video to Elementor:

  • In the Elementor editor, go to the panel, and search ‘video’. Drag in the video widget.
  • Under Video > Source, choose either ‘YouTube’, ‘Dailymotion’, ‘Vimeo’ or self-hosted.
  • Add a link to the video. If it a self-hosted video, either upload it via the media library, or use an external URL.
  • Choose a start time and end time, if you only want part of the video to show.
  • You can add an image overlay, if you want to show a different image of your choosing as the thumbnail.

Easily Add YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Self-Hosted Videos With #Elementor


mobile editing IMPROVEMENT

Change Mobile & Tablet Breakpoints

The moment has finally arrived – you can now change the values for Elementor’s tablet and mobile breakpoints! 

This has been a much-requested feature since day one, and we finally managed to offer a solution enabling you to change the mobile and tablet breakpoint values. 

Use it whenever you need to customize your site for specific widescreen computers and laptops or small mobile screens.

To change the custom breakpoint values, go to the Elementor Dashboard > Settings > Style and enter the new values for ‘Tablet Breakpoint’ and ‘Mobile Breakpoint’.

Your Wish Is our command line

WP CLI Integration

If you are a developer, you are probably familiar with the Command Line Interface for WordPress. WP-CLI is an open source project that provides a command-line interface for many actions you might perform in the WordPress admin. Instead of login into the admin, you can perform a long list of tasks from your terminal.

Elementor now comes included with WP-CLI integration, allowing you to trigger the following tasks via the command line:

  • flush_css – Flush the Elementor Page Builder CSS Cache
  • replace-urls – Replace old URLs with new URLs in all Elementor pages
  • sync-library – Sync Elementor Library
  • import-library – Import template files to the Library
  • Activate or deactivate license – Activate or deactivate your Pro license.

We will continue to add more CLI commands for Elementor in the future.


WordPress 5.0 compatibility

Ready For Gutenberg

We are looking forward to seeing Gutenberg being added to core in the upcoming months.

We are working closely with the Gutenberg team, making sure Elementor will continue to work smoothly for all Elementor users once Gutenberg is launched.

For version 2.1, we made it easy to switch between Gutenberg and Elementor, using the familiar ‘Edit with Elementor’ button within Gutenberg.

Besides the recent feature additions, we are also  excited that we recently reached one million active installs on the WordPress repository. This is a huge milestone, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our community. A huge thank you goes to each and every one of you who made our vision possible. 

Looking forward – Let us know in the comments below what you think will be the future features that will help Elementor continue our amazing growth.