Style & Settings Configuration Menu

A click on the top left hamburger icon in Elementor will open Elementor’s Style & Settings Configuration menu. Here, you can set Elementor’s Default Colors and Default Fonts, and various Editor Preferences. You can also change Global Settings and Navigate to other areas of the site.


  1. Default Colors: Customize the primary, secondary, text and accent colors in Elementor
  2. Default Fonts: Automatically selected fonts for primary and secondary headlines, body text and accent text


  1. Global settings: From the Style tab, choose the editor’s font fallback, the content width, widgets space, stretched section fit to, and page title selector. From the Lightbox tab, select Yes to open all image links in a lightbox popup window. If set to Yes, choose the Lightbox’s global Background Color, UI Color and UI Hover Color
  2. Dashboard setting: A link to the Elementor setting. Described in detail here
  3. About Elementor: A link to


  1. Preferences: Set UI Theme‘s light or dark mode, or use Auto Detect to sync it with your OS setting, Slide the switch to Enable or Disable Editing Handles when hovering over the element edit button, and select Yes or No to enable the Lightbox in the Editor.
  2. Finder: Opens the Finder to quickly find and navigate to another area of your site
  3. View Page: Opens the current page, in live mode in the browser.
  4. Exit to Dashboard: Exits to the WordPress editor of the current page or post.

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