Renewing The Elementor Popup Library

New Popups on the way

It’s time to freshen up the library and welcome more than 100 new stunning pop-ups, plus 10 renewed and optimized ones, for driving engagement and conversions on your website. As a result, we will be removing many of the old popup templates from the library in the month of April. The templates below will no longer appear in the library after April 24th, 2022.

You may still have time to import these templates

If you wish, take this time to import these for your personal use in the future. If you have already imported any of these templates to your local library, this will not affect you, and you may continue to use them. We also have chosen the top 10, and have rebuilt them to make them better. 

Oops you missed the deadline

These screenshots will remain as inspiration and can be recreated in the editor. These will no longer be available as a .json file.

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