Meet Our Elementor Community Leaders

Elementor lovers who initiate, lead and enable other Elementor users through online and offline communities to share their voices, support one another and develop as professional web creators.

Clifton Canady
 Greenville, SC, United States

I am the lead organizer of Elementor Greenville, SC Meetup Group. Alongside two other co-organizers that together we creating events and managing the meetups. I make sure all our members are happy and get the support they need with Elementor.

Gere Maurer
 Zug, Switzerland

I am committed to a local Elementor community in Switzerland. With Elementor I’m patient to build online projects that anyone can just add the content without worrying about the presentation.

Huynh Trang Anh Thu
 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

As a lifelong learner, I love being surrounded by like-minded people.
I’m a google WomenTechmakers Ambassador and Co-Founder of GDG Cloud HCMC. I host Elementor Ho Chi Minh City to introduce people to Elementor and address subjects surrounding diversity.

Giuseppe Caputo
 Milano, Italia

The esteem of the Elementor tool led me to believe in a future full of good design. With the community, we are able to share new ideas and face new obstacles together.

Montse Magaña
 Matadepera, Spain

I’m a web designer and Digital Marketing Strategist. I help small business grow their online presence through strategies and optimized websites

Grant Hawkey
 Gold Coast, Australia

I support our main meetup hosting arrangements in in Gold Coast, Australia, greeting members as they join and attend. I really enjoy being able to help others and learn new things as much as possible.

George Yasbic
 Chatswood, Australia

I’m Sydney’s local Elementor Guide. I own a small agency that helps businesses with their website and digital presence. I also love helping and teaching people new things, including how to use Elementor.

Mick Viller
 Gold Coast, Australia

I run the Gold Coast Elementor meetups to help others connect, learn and succeed with Elementor and WordPress.

Helmut Göbel
 Munich, Germany

I discovered Elementor in August 2016. In early 2019, I started an Elementor Meetup in my city (Munich, Germany). In April 2019, I became Admin of an Elementor Facebook group (German). I love helping people in web design with Elementor. Elementor rocks!

Chabi Angulo
 Zaragoza, Spain

I am the leader of the Elementor Zaragoza meetups in Spain. I am a freelance web creator and I use WordPress and Elementor to create all web pages and websites. I’m a WPO specialist, web maintenance and digital consultant for local companies and businesses.

Angel Zinsel
 Madrid, Spain

Deciding to leading a community is not a undertaking. It requires time, energy and commitment to people. Growing as a group, sharing knowledge, meeting new companions along the way and learning to trust, is the reward for that choice.

Santiago Becerra
 Madrid, Spain

In-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP. Defender of Free Software. In love with WordPress in general and Elementor in particular. Partner of WordPress Combo, where we develop websites that sell.

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