Elementor Talks #41: The Evolution of a WordPress Business

Vito Peleg had a long journey from his days as a musician to the launch of his plugin, WP Feedback. In our podcast, he tells us how he transitioned from running an agency to developing plugins, and reveals his best marketing channels.

Elementor Meetups — July 2019

4 continents, 10 countries and hundreds of attending members — July was a very productive month for our community. Here’s a recap of the events.

Elementor Talks #40: Increasing Landing Page Conversions

Rob Hope is a web designer and founder of One Page Love. In our podcast, he explains why landing pages are sometimes better than websites, demonstrates the impact that intro copy has on your landing page, and guides us on how to get real and valuable testimonials.

How to Get Word-Of-Mouth Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals are extremely effective for businesses, individual entrepreneurs, and freelancers. We’ve prepared a helpful guide with tips and insights that will help you kickstart

Monday Masterclass: Building a One-Page Website on WordPress

This week we’re demonstrating how simple and efficient it is to work with Hello Theme together with the Elementor Theme builder. To do this, we’ll create a one-page website, complete with a navigation menu in the header/footer.

Elementor Talks #39: The Philosophy Behind Yoast

Omar Reiss, CTO of Yoast SEO, illustrates how his Masters in philosophy contributes to his work at Yoast, explains what it takes to stay ahead in the SEO plugin industry, and talks about the future of SEO.