Win 1-on-1 Sessions with the Elementor Team, Coming Soon This Black Friday

Wondering what Elementor is cooking up this Black Friday? Here's a sneak peek into two special types of prizes we plan to offer daily throughout Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

This Black Friday, #Elementor Goes Beyond Prizes, Offering Exclusive 1-on-1 Sessions with the Elementor Team

This Black Friday, we are planning to offer something DIFFERENT.

We believe in empowering and adding value to our community. This is why we prepared a set of priceless prizes besides the regular discounts. Prizes geared towards boosting your productivity and improving your expertise.

Throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we plan to run a daily contest where you’ll be able to win one of two types of categories: gear prizes (gadgets we love) and skill prizes (1-on-1 sessions with a specialist from the Elementor team). The contest is open to everyone, and will have 8 new winners each day throughout our Black Friday & Cyber-Monday sales week.

Win Amazing Free Prizes

In terms of gadget prizes, starting from the 24th of November, you’ll get the chance to win:

  • Apple iPad Air
  • Wacom Intuos Wireless Graphics Drawing
  • HD LED Android Smart Home Theater
  • Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling headphones

Win Exclusive 1-on-1 Sessions

We have great people working at Elementor — people with tons of knowledge and experience to share. So, this Black Friday, we’ve decided to give you the opportunity to learn from them. Elementor users will get a chance to win 1-on-1 coaching sessions with our very own industry experts, all of whom are eager to help you level up your creative business.

The experts will include:

  • Ben Pines (Marketing) – Elementor Evangelist
  • Ohad Raz (Development) – Lead Developer
  • Ziv Geurts (Design) – Educator & Designer
  • Saar Kedem (Site Audit) – Head of Education

We are going to run a new contest every day, so be sure to visit our site and register for each contest. Get priceless insights and inspiration, win cool items and meet, face-to-face, the creative people behind Elementor.

More details about the contest will be published on the 24th of November, when the official Black Friday – Cyber Monday sales week launches.

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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29 Responses

  1. Correction to you about content

    Your prizes are for Advanced website designers not for newbie newbie just getting started when my first website will be on Sunday when I get your discount

  2. I really NEED this session. I have owned Elementor for nearly 2 years, and only used it on one website – my own. I can see it could do exactly what I need (I need to display custom content types), but I cannot work out what should be a header, what should be part of the page, what is an element on a page. What should be a condition, and what should be a separate template. I put headers as part of the page, and then realise they aren’t meant to be there. I avoid updating my website because I can’t even find where to edit it any more. And it has broken more than once.

    I watch the individual videos but they are on how to do the small design stuff, I’m missing the CONCEPT of the right way to build a site. The why of page builders, not the how. The big picture, not have to change the padding. Only a person can talk me through this because every time I watch videos I get more frustrated – why did he do THAT, in THAT way, not the “logical” way. There is no support, just a very judgemental community who insults you.

    I am too nervous to use Elementor for a client, and discover after hundreds of content pages have been created, it is unusable and I have to rebuild everything for free. So I continue to use Drupal instead of WordPress.

    1. It sounds like you could use a full web design course. Did you consider joining one? Please do apply to the session contest, however, it sounds like you have high ambitions concerning building websites and such a course could be really valuable in that regard.

        1. There should be a way for us to edit our reply so we can correct mistakes after it is published. Can you do thatCan you do that

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