Getting Started with Elementor


Welcome to our Getting Started With Elementor course. This course was created especially for Elementor beginners, to teach the fundamentals of using Elementor to create your very first website, and at the same time have fun building it. In this course, we’ll create a three page website for Simaya, a vegan restaurant, that offers a mouthwatering plant-based menu. Feel free to use the same layout and techniques and apply them to any type of industry.

This course with cover:

✓ Installing and Activating the Hello theme

✓ Creating web pages and a navigation menu in WordPress

✓ Setting up your design system and website structure for your Elementor website

✓ Creating a header and footer using Elementor’s, Hello theme.

✓ Using the Elementor Editor to build and fully style your entire website

✓ Website optimization methods

✓ Responsive editing

✓ Tips and tricks, best practices, and workflow


○ A WordPress website

○ Elementor Website Builder plugin

○ Clean installation of WordPress (recommended)


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