Building an online store with WooCommerce


Selling your products and services online has never been easier and with Elementor and WooCommerce, you have the perfect combination of tools at your disposal to make every success with your business.

In this course we will create this store for Bakersons which is a fictitious local bakery which sells delicious baked goods to their customers.

In this course we’ll cover:
✔︎ How to install, set-up and configure WooCommerce
✔︎ How to create products and services to sell on your store
✔︎ How to build your store templates using the Elementor theme builder
✔︎ How to configure various shipping options
✔︎ How to connect PayPal & Stripe to your store
✔︎ How to customise your store emails as well as creating coupon codes and managing your orders once your store is live
✔︎ Additional marketing options, like creating pop-ups, setting featured products and creating sales pages

Be sure to jump to any of these sections if you’re looking for assistance in a specific area.


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