Last Updated: October, 2023

The Elementor Marketplace is a Service we offer that allows Elementor related businesses to advertise themselves and their portfolio, and to receive messages from potential clients.

Marketplace Registration and Information

Please give us accurate information. Let your clients know about your business.

Participation in the Marketplace is for specific and selected users. If you are allowed to register, you will need to provide us with information about yourself and your business, according to our Submission Policy and the licenses stated there.
Please don’t publish inaccurate information, or take credit for other people’s work. Respect your clients and don’t post their material without their permission.

We Are Not A Party

We don’t take responsibility for professionals, hire them at your own risk.

We cannot assume liability over any person’s work. If you encounter any problem with such professional, please notify us; however, we cannot assume liability over their work and cannot be held responsible in any case.