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Your Digital Safety Net
for Backup & Restore

Site Backup offers an extra layer of backup protection above and beyond what your hosting service provides.

Cloud Website Backup Solution

Protect Your Website & Data... Instantly.

Avoid the potential risks associated with server crashes, viruses, hacking attempts, or accidental deletions. With Site Backup, your website recovery is only a click away.

Your backups are securely stored on Google cloud, offering high levels of redundancy and reliability with stringent security measures that safeguard your backups against unauthorized access.

Not much to do. Just activate and you’re good to go with default settings for auto backups already set up for you.

Having one dashboard offers quick recovery with minimal disruption, should your site go down. Site Backup works for any WordPress website, and is not limited to just Elementor sites.

Your backups are stored on the cloud so you never have to worry about taking up vspace from your website storage.

Site Backup provides a second backup, on top of what your hosting service provides, giving you true bulletproof protection.

Instant Backup

Automated Backups

Save time and effort by automating daily backups. Set the schedule at a time that makes the most sense for you or simply rely on the default settings.

Manual Backups

Make changes to your site with confidence, knowing you can manually backup your website at anytime.

Selective Backup & Restore

Enjoy maximum flexibility by choosing the specific data, files, or databases to include in your backup or restore.

Restore with a Click

Unlimited One-Click Restore

Simplify recovery with our one-click restore and minimize downtime in case of data loss or website issues.

Crash Recovery

Lost access to your site? Use your Site Backup dashboard to instantly restore your backup of choice.

Enhanced Security


We are dedicated to data privacy, actively aligning with GDPR and CCPA standards to strengthen protection for customer privacy and security.

Secure Protocols

Our robust encryption options and secure storage protocols provide solid protection for all backed-up files.

Google Cloud Storage

Powered by Google Cloud Platform, your backups are securely stored in strategic cloud regions, ensuring the safety of your data with accessibility from anywhere.

Why Choose
a Backup Plugin by Elementor?

Elementor - the brand everyone trusts

With more than 16 million active websites built with our technology, the Site Backup plugin aligns perfectly with the latest web creation trends and security protocols.

Intuitive Dashboard

No need to be technically savvy to use Site Backup. Its intuitive ensures a smooth experience for users of all levels.

Works with Any Hosting

Regardless of where your website is hosted, the Site Backup plugin works perfectly for any WordPress website.

Peace of Mind

Site Backup provides a safety net with a quick recovery and keeps your business running smoothly without interruption.

Select Your Site Backup Plan

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