Managing Email For Elementor Cloud Websites

Customizing email origin

Q: My admin and form emails still show the when I get them. How do I change this?

A: To customize the location of your email origin and ensure better deliverability, a SMTP plugin may be installed on your website. 

Before plugin is used
After SMTP plugin is used

The WP Mail SMTP plugin has been tested to work on Elementor Cloud Websites. Please refer to their documentation for more information.

Elementor Cloud Website email subscription details

The subscription includes up to 100 emails per day sent from your website. This would be things like – form submission emails, purchase confirmation emails, admin notifications etc.

Where is my email hosted?

The Elementor Cloud Website offering does not include purchase of 3rd party emails providers such as Google Workspaces or Office 365. An email plan must be purchased from your chosen provider.

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