Elementor Pro 2.5 Motion Effects FAQ

When will Elementor Pro 2.5 be released? Where can I find it?

Elementor Pro 2.5 is already out. If you cannot see an update message under Dashboard > Plugins, go to Dashboard > Updates and click the Check Again button. You should then see an available update of the plugin.

Does this work on smartphones and tablets?

Most Motion Effects can work on desktop, tablets, and mobile. Use the Apply effects on option to specify which devices should render the motion effects. Mouse effects, however, will only work on desktop devices.

Does it work in every browser?

Motion Effects work in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Motion Effects also work in Microsoft Edge, but may have slightly laggy behavior in that browser. Motion Effects do not work in Internet Explorer.

ChromeFirefoxSafariOperaEdgeInternet Explorer
SupportedSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported *Not Supported

* Slightly laggy behavior

Why can’t I add motion effects to my fixed elements?

The effects will not affect elements that have been configured as Fixed Elements since the viewport scroll calculations won’t apply to their position.

Does it add lots of bloat to a site or adversely affect site speed when rendering?

We’ve written our own slim library for the Motion Effects, therefore it shouldn’t affect your loading time. It adds only minor weight (about 4KB) and that is only if Motion Effects are used on the page.

I have a section with a background image and a headline on top. When I apply a motion effect on the section, it also affects the headline. I only want the motion effect to apply to the background, not the headline. What do I do?

Instead of applying the motion effect in the section’s Advanced tab (Section > Advanced > Motion Effects), apply it in the section’s Style tab (Section > Style > Background > Motion Effects) instead. In this way, only the background image will be affected by the motion effect.

Can I trigger the motion effect of one image/asset from another?

No. A motion effect is dependent upon the mouse movement over a specific element it is assigned to. Mouse movement over one element will not cause a motion effect on a different element. Of course, if the motion effect is applied to an entire section, for example, then the entire section (with all elements within it) will move, as though they were all one element.

My site feels busy and distracting with so many motion effects on it? What should I do?

Animations and motion effects should be used sparingly and thoughtfully on a web page. The goal should be to enhance a user’s experience, not distract or confuse them. Use motion to draw attention to important functionality, to help guide users through the page, and yes, even to simply make the experience more enjoyable for the user. Just don’t overwhelm users with excessive movement. More is not always better.

I have an Elementor Pro license. Will I also get Elementor Pro 2.5, including the Motion Effects?

Yes, every user with an active license can update Elementor Pro to the latest version and get all the new features of Pro 2.5, including theMotion Effects capabilities. If you don’t have an active license, you can purchase one, or renew your previous license with by logging into your account at my.elementor.com.

I just updated to the latest version and am experiencing issues with Elementor, what should I do?

Read this guide:

Update Issues

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