Elementor 2.7 – Overview

Introducing v2.7: Enhanced Backgrounds & Dividers

Enhanced Backgrounds:

Backgrounds just got cooler! In Elementor v2.7 we’ve added several improvements and capabilities to backgrounds:

1. Background Slideshow

Background Slideshow

Now you can use a sideshow as the background for sections, columns, and inner-sections. This can help you build more complex structures and layouts, while still preserving a transition effect. 

From the section’s or column’s Style > Background Type tab, select Slideshow from the Background Type options. Use the presentation settings for the image gallery to create various slideshow effects.

2. Vimeo Video as a Background

Vimeo Video as a Background

As part of enhancing the background capabilities, we’ve added Vimeo as a source for your background videos. So now, both team YouTube and team Vimeo can enjoy sweet backgrounds.

From the section’s or column’s Style tab, enter a Vimeo video URL into the Video URL field of the section’s or column’s Style > Background Type > Background Video field.

3. Allow Background Video to Play on Mobile

Until recently, most mobile phones didn’t play background videos. Recent browsers policy changes have added this functionality to some browsers. Starting with v2.7, Elementor will not play background videos by default. However, you will be able to change this default by turning on the “Play On Mobile” switch. See our dev blog post.

From any section’s background video element, switch Play On Mobile to On. This should allow the video to now play on mobile.

Improved Dividers

Dividers are one of the most basic and useful design elements in web design. So, of course, we went ahead and made them even better, with newly added elements and shapes.

Divider widget Improvements

Divider widget Improvements

Our Divider widget used to be quite basic and traditional. For v2.7, we added some fancy features to it. You can now choose from a list of new shiny SVG dividers and control their style and behavior.

In addition, we added the option to include some text or an icon before, in the middle or after your divider.

Add a Divider widget to your page, select a Divider Style, add an icon from the Divider widget’s Content tab, and style both the divider and the icon from the widget’s Style tab.

Under the Hood Improvements:

In the following releases, we will gradually release major infrastructure improvements, which will allow Elementor to be more extendable, reliable and stable. Those improvements include unification of multiple libraries, update JS handlers to ES6, new Editor JS API mechanism to improve current flow and to support future exciting modules and MEGA features.

More Improvements

Please don’t miss these points:

  • New: Editor JS API ($e) to improve capabilities and stability
  • Tweak: Converted all widgets JS handlers to ES6 classes 
  • Tweak: Added option to select the version you rollback to in Version Control tool
  • Tweak: Use swiper.js instead of slick.js in Image Carousel widget 
  • Tweak: Implemented virtual list render in Icons Library to improve performance and stability
  • Tweak: Added support of wp_body_open in Canvas template
  • Tweak: Editor Panel UI tweaks
  • Tweak: Moved structure control into section panel in Section element
  • Tweak: Added option to allow background video to play on mobile devices if device support it
  • Tweak: Added more post statuses to show in the Finder 
  • Tweak: Added Space-aroundSpace-between and Space-evenly to Vertical Align options in Section element
  • Tweak: Updated Eicons library to v5.4.0
  • Deprecated: Removed old deprecated aliases 


  • Fix: Background video plays on mobile devices in some cases
  • Fix: Icon List alignment issue
  • Fix: Two clicks needed to start Vimeo videos with image overlay
  • Fix: Init navigator only once when changing page template

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