Whether through social media, ads, or word of mouth, online professionals constantly innovate as they build their brands, generate leads, and grow their client base.

To help our users get more leads, Elementor launched Elementor Experts — a marketplace for expert web creators. The Elementor Experts Network isn’t just a medium to find new clients. It’s also an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and build credibility.

While many users on the Experts Network are actively generating leads, there’s a common theme amongst those that aren’t — an incomplete profile. With that in mind, here are 10 actionable tips for building the ultimate Elementor Experts Network profile.

1. Use a Professional Profile Picture

A professional profile picture goes a long way in making a great first impression and building trust. 

We’ve found that trustworthiness is the number one characteristic our users look for in an Elementor Expert.

Don’t use the same profile picture you do on social media platforms. An animated picture or agency logo might work for social media, but your Elementor Experts picture needs to convey professionalism and show you’re a real person.

Here are some practical guidelines to follow as you’re shortlisting your profile image:

  • Use a high-resolution image.
  • Remember to smile and face the camera.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Avoid illustrations.
  • Use a simple background.
  • A company logo on the side is welcome, but don’t let it replace your picture.

Need inspiration? Here’s an Elementor Expert profile picture that meets all guidelines:

Alison R 10 Tips For Building And Completing The Ultimate Elementor Expert Network Profile 1

2. Highlight Your Unique Value Proposition

A value proposition explains how your services solve your customer’s problems or fulfill their needs. A unique value proposition (UVP) tells potential clients why they should work with you and what makes you different from your competition.

The UVP appears below your Elementor Experts profile picture and is the first thing users see after clicking your name. It gives your clients a concise overview of what you do.

You need to convey your expertise to the profile viewer as soon as they land on your profile. Highlight your UVP to differentiate yourself from other experts and attract the right clients. Make sure it’s accurate, unique, and realistic.

An easy way to create a UVP is to use the “I help X do Y by doing Z” template. For example:

  • “I help startups streamline their marketing by adopting cutting edge tools.”
  • “I help SMBs increase exposure online by improving their visual presence.”

Here are some amazing Elementor Expert UVPs to inspire you:

Elementor Expert Christian’s Uvp For Inspiration.

Much like Christian, Brian E uses a results-driven UVP:

Brian E 2 10 Tips For Building And Completing The Ultimate Elementor Expert Network Profile 2

Need more help? Here are a few helpful guidelines to draft a winning UVP:

  • Keep it clear and concise.
  • Use proper English.
  • Showcase your skills.
  • Describe your achievements.
  • Stay true to your core values.

Draft variations and run them past your colleagues, family, or friends. Your UVP is one of the most impactful aspects of your Elementor Expert profile — it’s worth the extra effort.

3. Use Your Profile’s Real Estate Wisely

We’ve designed the Elementor Expert profile in a way that helps you market yourself and present the services you offer. Make sure you leverage the real estate of your profile to attract potential clients.

For example, here’s how Elementor Expert Mike V. uses the cover picture to communicate his UVP:

Example Of How An Elementor Expert Uses The Cover Picture To Communicate Their Uvp.

You can also use the project description box to provide insights into the project, industry, client’s needs, and your inspirations. Explain how you handled the requirements and delivered on your client’s expectations. 

That is your opportunity to tell the project’s story.

Don’t forget to provide context for the project. For instance, if the project was a lead collection form for a website, share it with the viewer. You can also credit other freelancers with who you collaborated on complex projects:

Pim M 10 Tips For Building And Completing The Ultimate Elementor Expert Network Profile 3

As Pim M does, use short paragraphs with sufficient space between them to separate different areas and write with subtitles and bullet points to make reading easier. Use the available real estate to highlight projects that demonstrate your specialization in your niche.

4. Incorporate Social Proof on Your Profile

Social proof directly influences buying decisions. A 2018 report by Global Web Index found that 42% of internet users in the U.S. said customer reviews increased their likelihood of purchasing a product.

To help you leverage social proof, we hope to add social proof features to each profile, such as star ratings, user reviews, and endorsements in 2022. Until then, you can show buyers what clients are saying about you using other parts of your Elementor Expert profile.

For example, here’s how Elementor Expert Karen uses the description of her favorite projects as an opportunity to present a client review:

Example Of How An Elementor Expert Uses The Project Description For Social Proof.

Here’s how Performance Expert Shay uses his cover picture for advertising a badge:

Example Of How An Elementor Expert Uses The Cover Image For Social Proof.

Use social proof to highlight a differentiator. Anything that complements your Elementor skills and establishes you as a reliable professional will help you attract more clients.

5. Add More Projects To Demonstrate Experience

Buyers browse your profile for insights into your design language, the diversity of your projects, and the clients you’ve worked with. Projects help you show expertise and strengthen your image as a reliable web creator. 

They’re ideal for converting profile visitors to customers.

Our platform prioritizes profiles with more projects and service-related information, such as price per service, in search results. Make sure to tag ‘Services’ and add ‘Cost per Service’ to your profile to rank higher in the Elementor Experts search results.

A rich profile with multiple projects will convey your professional expertise far better than a profile with a single project.

We conducted a small profile optimization experiment with Manmeet Kaur, an India-based expert designer, and WordPress website consultant. We helped Manmeet complete her profile with her details, services, and two projects:

After a month, we reached out to Manmeet again. But this time, we asked her to add more projects to her profile. 

Within a day of adding 12 projects to her profile, Manmeet received two leads from the Elementor Experts Network.

Another excellent example of the impact of adding projects on a profile’s performance is that of Zoe Tame. With over ten projects and a well-written profile, it’s no surprise that Zoe was among those who received the most leads from Elementor Experts in 2021:

Zoe’s profile does a great job of sharing her style, highlighting the services she offers, and promoting her work.

Our data revealed profiles with at least three projects generate more leads. That doesn’t mean you need to add 12 projects at once. Aim for at least five to ten projects for best results.

6. Tag Each Project Correctly

Like most professional web creators, you’re probably good at multiple tasks. Whether it’s Elementor website design, development, or marketing, you need to tag your projects correctly if you want your skills to stand out.

For example, if you’ve created a web design project for an online store build, make sure you tag it as an “ecommerce Website” service rather than an “Advanced Website.” An incorrect tag will exclude your profile from filtered searches.

You also have the option to add multi-service projects to your profile. Suppose you’ve offered both Consulting and Conversion Optimization on a project — you can tag both services.

Consider tagging at least two services per project and make sure the tags fit the project — buyers usually notice when they don’t.

7. Add a Price for Each Service

When buyers search for an Elementor developer, one of the first things they consider is the service price. We understand that price often varies by service. However, including an approximate price range can help them realize if your service is relevant or not.

Moreover, our system also ranks experts in search results based on the number of projects and services listed with pricing. Our goal is to provide buyers with good quality results that meet their requirements. So make sure you add a starting price for all services you offer.

8. Talk Through Your Cover Picture

The cover picture takes up a large portion of the real estate above the fold. Optimizing it can help your profile stand out and make it memorable. Use the cover image to grab attention, show your design style, and advertise your services to customers who land on your profile.

Here’s an example that incorporates a mission statement, highlights services, and sets the tone for this expert’s brand:

Example Of How An Elementor Expert Uses The Cover Image To Share Their Mission Statement.

Help potential customers understand your brand values and what you deliver as a web professional. The cover image offers many opportunities to explore your design freedom and establish your identity on the Elementor Experts Network.

9. Don’t Be a Jack of All Trades, Be a Master of One

The adage ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ might resonate with you as an expert web creator. But if you’re trying to distinguish yourself from other experts, you need to show yourself as a master of one.

Here’s an example of Elementor Expert Julian Song:

Julian S 10 Tips For Building And Completing The Ultimate Elementor Expert Network Profile 4

Julian has a diverse skillset and offers many services. For instance, the first project on his profile demonstrates his experience converting a website from Visual Composer to Elementor and redesigning it.

But his cover picture highlights his expertise with optimizing website performance and helping clients rank on Google through SEO, design, and development. Thus, he narrows his focus to attracting buyers searching for an expert to design their website and optimize its performance.

A diverse skill set may demonstrate flexibility, but buyers on Elementor Experts are searching for expertise. 

Don’t brand yourself as an expert in all fields. Instead, find what you’re an expert at and flaunt it across your cover picture, services, and projects.

10. Join the Elementor Community Initiatives

A simple way to distinguish yourself from other Elementor/WordPress specialists is earning a badge for your profile. You can earn them by participating in a community program, winning an Experts challenge, or providing feedback.

The badge is not only a great differentiator but also a prestige symbol. Only a few experts can earn it. Thus, it’s highly effective in generating leads. It verifies your Elementor training, promotes you as a valued Elementor Pro expert, and ensures your profile stands out.

Here is an example of an active community member who has earned two highly coveted badges — Performance Expert and Challenge Champion:

Example Of An Elementor Expert With Two Badges.

Creating an Elementor Expert profile and optimizing it to attract clients isn’t complicated. We’ve shown you how to make your profile work for you and get more client project requests.

Final Thoughts: Building and Completing the Ultimate Elementor Expert Network Profile

One of Elementor’s primary objectives in 2022 is to empower our users and help them grow their businesses. The Elementor Experts Network is crucial to fulfilling that vision. We want to help you collaborate with experts, attract more clients, and build the business of your dreams.

Continue the conversation by joining our community today.