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In this tutorial, we will go over the responsive features and options in Elementor. We’ll review the basics of responsive design, and optimize a website’s header, content, and footer, using Elementor’s responsive section, column, and widget settings.

This tutorial will cover:

✔︎ Responsive features

✔︎ Responsive menu

✔︎ Responsive font styles

✔︎ Device-specific settings

✔︎ And much more!

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00:00 01:01 – Intro – What We’ll See in this Tutorial

01:02 04:08 – Elementor’s Responsive Features

04:09 05:59 – Responsive Menu

06:00 07:47 – Column Width & Wrapping

07:48 08:48 – Responsive Font Styles

08:49 09:34 – Hide and Show Elements on Different Devices

09:35 10:08 – Reverse Column Order in Different Viewports

10:09 11:24 – Hide & Show Elements – Best Practice

11:25 12:12 – Responsive Widget Options

12:13 13:56 – Recap – What We Learned in this Tutorial

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