Show Your Site Structure With Sitemap

Help users navigate content by introducing them to the entire structure and hierarchy of your site


Map Out Your Source Content as You See Fit

Choose which pages, posts, categories, tags or taxonomies to include

sitemap widget page
sitemap widget page


Make navigating your site as easy as possible

Eliminate the URLs that aren’t essential to your site’s structure


Have full control over your content hierarchy

Order content by ID or title and define their tags the way you want to

sitemap widget page
sitemap widget page


Choose the right sitemap layout for your site

Decide how your sitemap should look; Choose columns, spacing, bullets, color, typography, etc.

Advanced Sitemap Options

Icons combine with other widgets

Combine with other features

Streamline your sitemap with other Elementor features

SEO icon

Earn a higher SEO ranking

Boost your SEO and offer a better visitor experience

Icons Accessebility

Enhanced site accessibility

Provide a better and easier user experience for all visitors

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Justin Easthall
Justin Easthall

Help your users navigate with sitemap

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