What is a Construction Website?

If a personal website is one where individuals advertise themselves, a construction website is a place for professionals to advertise their construction skills and since construction is done primarily by companies, this is more akin to a company website. 

A construction website emphasizes heavily on offering services and showing completed work. It must show, in the form of photos and images the work it had completed, to generate trust, show the company’s skills and the scale of its capabilities. 

In addition to showing the company’s capabilities, the construction website has to focus heavily on providing all possible means of contact. 

How to Create a Construction Website in WordPress

Before you hurry off to create a great construction website, make sure that you have all the necessary tools ready, including a WordPress account and hosting provider. 

Construction Website Builder 

The process of creating a construction website could be difficult without the right tools, and that’s why we recommend using a construction website builder like Elementor, which offers a myriad of features and widgets that will make building a website much simpler. 

Construction Website Templates 

In addition to the website builder, we recommend that you use a construction website template. You could use free construction website templates or paid ones. 

The Structure of a Construction Site

an image of pages connected by pins and string.

A construction website follows a straight forward design with standard company website elements. 


The homepage is the first page your visitors will see. You could divide this page into several sections or keep it short. Navigational menus should be clearly visible. We recommend adding a header and a footer and in the footer, we recommend that you add contact details. The sections should include the most important information that you want to offer. These are generally the top services you provide, testimonials and certifications. Some metrics would go a long way in creating trust. 


People who look for a construction company tend to look for specific services. It would be best if you have a dedicated page for this exactly, and, if applicable, you should add prices. Add a list (or be creative and add a gallery) of all the things that you offer. Make sure to add as much information as possible. 


The projects page is more like a blog page. You should focus on everything construction related. This could be a great place to add your successful project in the form of a post where you could add some information about the process, the interaction with the people, problems you’ve encountered and how you overcame them, etc. Of course, as a company that uses different tools and all sorts of equipment, you could also talk about the ones you like more or the ones that fit a certain task better. We highly recommend writing content, as it generates more views and ranks the website better on search engines. 

About Page

Since this is a company page, it is paramount that you write about your company. This section should include the story behind your company and the team. People love it when there is a personal connection with a company, they’d really appreciate it if you took the time and wrote about yourself. 


One of the main pages is of course contact. This page should be easily navigatable and should include all the contact information. 

Recommended Widgets and Features

a screenshot of elementor's widgets.

The Popup Builder  

The popup builder could enhance a construction website in that it can create more appealing ways to contact the company. Furthermore, with well-placed popups, you can draw the user’s attention to specific things like deals, newsletters, etc.

Advanced Form Fields 

The advanced form fields is a great widget and is especially useful for company websites like a construction website where it is paramount to give users the ability to contact the company. Of course, a construction website should have a phone number and email, but the contact form can make this procedure more comfortable for the user and definitely more appealing.

The Flipbox Widget

The flipbox widget, can further enhance the design of the website, save space and add interactivity. Imagine that you have an image of your service on one side and the price and description on the other, and as soon as the user hovers over a flipbox, it flips. 

The Testimonials Carousel

A testimonial carousel, or any of the possible testimonial and review widgets that Elementor offers is definitely something that should be on a construction website. Construction is an area with high competition, and to stand out, or at the very least to generate trust, a company has to showcase its satisfied clients. 

Social Icons Widget

In today’s world, social interactivity is almost a necessity for any sort of business, construction not excluded. People tend to ask question, check reviews and leave their own reviews on social media, and to make sure that the good reviews, as well as the ability to contact you via social media, stays available, you need to connect your website to your social media accounts and what better way to do this than to add social icons

Mobile Responsiveness 

an image of a person using a mobile phone.

You should get into the head of your users. Chances are that a person looking for a construction firm does so through a mobile, due to easy access, inability to sit behind a desktop or any other reason. To make sure that you don’t lose such potential clients, and to make your website more accessible in general, we recommend that you keep mobile responsiveness in mind and make the website as easily accessible through mobile phones and tablets as possible. 

Tips for Building a Construction Website

Add images of your projects

Users, and people in general, like visual information, i.e. images. That’s why it’s important for you to add images of your projects. Show the designs of your project, the planning stage, if applicable and the end result. If you deal with renovations, maybe show a before and after image and if you found a creative way to tackle a problem, be sure to show it. 

Add certifications 

If you have any certification, licenses, etc. Show them. This makes people trust your company, removes fears and subsequently generates new clients. 

Add Facebook reviews

There are many review platforms available out there, but it seems that Facebook is still the number one place to go for reviews, and as such, not only is it good practice to encourage writing reviews on your Facebook page, but to show it on your website as well. 

Construction Website FAQ

What color scheme should I use? 

We recommend that you use 2-3 colors throughout the design of your website, or, if you have specific company colors, then use them to enforce the brand. We don’t recommend overly bright colors, as these are more applicable to other industries and individual websites. 

Should I use stock images? 

Whenever possible, it’s best to use images of and from the construction company. However, if such a thing is difficult we recommend that you use stock photos that revolve around the construction theme for obvious reasons. 

Construction Website Examples

Check out this beautiful construction website to get inspired for new ideas. 

Bill Huey

a screenshot of the Bill Huey website.

Mrozinski Construction

a screenshot of the Mrozinski Construction website.

Creating a Construction Site

Creating a construction website is easy. Unlike other, more demanding websites like the personal website or the travel website, the construction website follows a simple formula — show your work and make contacting you easy. Of course, there are additional steps that a construction company can take to increase its website’s popularity by implementing interesting design features like popups and forms and writing a blog related to construction and the company’s projects.