What Is Dedicated Hosting?

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Dedicated hosting is a web hosting model where the hosting provider rents a single server containing all its resources for the exclusive use of a client. 

With dedicated hosting, website owners can freely install any software, control the setup, and manage their site. The provider usually only maintains the server; however, hosting packages vary in maintenance and support offered.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting and shared hosting are at opposite ends of the web hosting scale. However, dedicated hosting has particular benefits for web developers, especially removing hurdles of shared hosting. 

  • Security: No other sites share the server, so there is no risk of exposure to viruses, malware, or other issues from adjoining sites. In fact, server providers are pricey, but they use rigorous safety measures to protect data stored on their server network. Measures include deploying software programs for network and system scanning for hackers, spammers, Trojans, crashers, works, and other security threats.   
  • Control and Flexibility: Since the client leases the entire server and does not share it with anyone, complete control gives more flexibility than shared hosting – such as choice of hardware, operating system, and more. 
  • High-Performance: Because the server’s resources are constantly available, site speed is improved along with overall stability, performance, and email stability.  


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