What Is a Website Theme & Why Do You Need One?

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A website theme is a foundation for a site’s complete design. A website theme manages the front-end design, establishing the overall appearance and functionality by managing its front-end design. T

hemes determine all design components: page layouts, backgrounds, color palettes, headers and footers, positioning, sizing, and typography. 

How Do Website Themes Work?

A website theme works via a CSS stylesheet that controls the design elements above. Stylesheets are adaptable as developers or designers can use them for an entire site or specific elements. 

WordPress site themes are downloadable from WordPress’s directory, theme suppliers or can be created by the site designer or developer. It is downloaded and installed through the WP admin dashboard when a theme is chosen. Next, the theme files are automatically downloaded to the webserver. Once applied, the theme is applied to placeholder content, changing the site’s appearance.

Website Themes vs. Template Kits

Website themes and templates are often used interchangeably; however, they differ in the number of pages each relates to. This is because themes affect the entire layout, while templates affect a single page. 

Also, you can only have one theme active on a WP site at a time, while you can use several templates. For instance, you can have one for your portfolio and another for your blog. One page can also include different templates, for example, one for the Footer and one for the Header.

Some WordPress themes include their own distinct templates, even for several variations of a page type. For example, the theme may consist of a blog template in a full-width and a narrow-width version. 

Smart theme usage can create professional-looking and lucrative websites!


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