What is a WordPress Subscriber?

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A WordPress subscriber is a site user who can only edit their profile, read posts, and leave comments.

WordPress uses the concept of “roles” to enable a site owner to control and manage what set of tasks (capabilities) users can do or not do within the site. A subscriber is the lowest level of user role with the fewest permissions.

Can You Change the Status of a WordPress Subscriber?

Usually, the subscriber user role has minimal capabilities. Unless the site owner changes the default capabilities, the subscriber user role is the most limited of all the user roles.

Subscribers can create, maintain, and make changes to their profile on a WordPress website, and when logging in and leaving comments, they don’t have to enter their details every time. However, they have a minimal ability to modify the WordPress database. Like with the other user roles, the site owner can change the default abilities of this role.

When to Use the WordPress Subscriber Role?

The WordPress subscriber role is most fitting for site users who frequently read a blog and actively comment. It can make leaving comments on a blog much simpler and quicker. The subscriber role can also be used to deliver supplementary content to users, such as newsletters or access to the pages and posts that would otherwise be locked.

Subscribers may also refer to users who have subscribed to a website using an RSS feed, mailing list, or any other feature to receive updates from a website.


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