What is a Landing Page Builder?

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Landing page builder software enables you to create accessible, effective landing pages that increase conversions. The main benefit is choosing from templates that have already been tested and convert visitors into customers.

Why Use a Landing Page Builder?

Many landing page hosting services include features that help you customize your landing pages to match your site and business needs. They should consist of CTAs, images, text, color, and other easy-to-use options.

Landing pages are a crucial cog in conversions. However, creating an effective page can be challenging. Sure, when your page goes live, you can tweak and test it, but first, you need a decent canvas to test. However, this step can be time-consuming whether you’re using templates or hired an expensive designer.  

This is where landing page builders can play an important role. They all offer different features at different prices. For example, some include A/B testing that saves you time, and others have drag-and-drop building capabilities that save you effort.


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