What Is a Navigation Menu?

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A navigation menu is a WordPress theme feature. WordPress allows users to create custom navigation menus using its default Menu Editor in the admin area beneath “Appearance » Menus.” 

Generally, the navigation menu is a list of links to other pages, usually internal pages. Appearing primarily in the site’s sidebars or page headers, navigation menus give visitors quick and easy access to the information they seek, like product pages, blog posts, pricing plans, or contact details. 

Benefits of Navigation Menus

Navigation is central to user experience and your site strategy. A navigation structure that allows users to easily search and browse through your website for content improves the chance of them staying on your site longer and taking action, such as leaving their details or signing up for a newsletter. 

The default WordPress Menu lists existing pages. However, a Navigation Menu allows site designers to change the default to their own version. Fortunately, WordPress supports several navigation menus, so a website’s theme can feature more than one footer and header menus.

How to Use Navigation Menus

Using the drag and drop functionality, users can use navigation menus to add custom links, pages, and posts to their menu. They can also change a menu’s appearance by adding custom-built styles and add CSS classes to menu items. 

Using widgets enables displaying customized navigation menus in additional areas of a WordPress site, such as footer areas and sidebars.
Alternatively, WordPress filters and hooks enable adding items to special menus dynamically.


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