What Is A CSS Framework?

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A CSS framework is a prepped and ready-to-use CSS library (Cascading Style Sheets). The stylesheets collection makes the job of a UI developer easier. 

Rather than starting every project from scratch, a CSS framework gives them tools to quickly create a user interface that they repeat and tweak during a project. They also enable the creation of more standards-compliant websites. 

While quite challenging to use or ambiguous for beginners, senior developers who know the CSS framework sites’ descriptions and buzzwords find them extremely useful.  

Why Do You Need A CSS Framework?

CSS frameworks are designed for use in typical scenarios such as establishing navigation bars, footers, sliders, hamburger menus, 3-column layouts, and more. 

The frameworks also enable expanding on JavaScript, SASS, and other technologies. If designers are time-stressed, frameworks allow setting up web pages – not just homepages, without diving into some CSS. 

CSS Framework USe Cases

Other than time-saving, teams comprising several developers benefit from the standards offered by CSS frameworks. Rather than each developer on a project adding their own style of names, frameworks regulate layouts, easily read others’ code, and smooth the development cycle with fewer bugs and better team communication. 

Bootstrap and Foundation are widely and frequently used CSS framework examples.

CSS Framework Tools

The following are eight examples of CSS framework tools and modules:

  1. Reset style sheets
  2. Grid structures specifically for responsive web design
  3. Website typography
  4. Icon sets in icon fonts or 2D sprite graphic elements 
  5. Styling for buttons, form elements, or tooltips
  6. Parts of graphical UI such as modal windows (Lightbox), tabs, slideshows, or accordions
  7. Equalizers to create equivalent height content
  8. CSS helper classes (hide, left)


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