What are Input Fields?

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Input Fields are a critical user interface design element that offers users a way to enter non-standardized replies. 

Input Fields are used in different scenarios, but most people come across them when filling in personal details and delivery addresses on eCommerce web forms or sending queries online. These fields prompt customized data to advance and improve customer interaction.

How Should You Use Input Fields?

Input Fields appear in different situations; however, they mostly appear as forms when users fill in personal information. They are a universal and well-recognized graphical user interface, and most site visitors know how they work. Therefore, it is essential to use editable input fields that do not pose restrictions. 

For instance, it is off-putting if users are forced to choose from limited options when filling in their contact details. Similarly, if you present users with a complaint form with predictive answers, you may insult and frustrate them. Ruining the user experience can harm purchases and returning customers.

If you do want to use a limited group of likely answers, opt for including a scrolling list or dropdown menu in your user interface design – or even for parts of it. For instance, a list could save users from manually entering details, such as their preferred title – Dr., Mrs., Mrs., Ms. Do add “other” if they don’t see the desired title and can enter it manually. 

Input Fields & UX

It is common knowledge that inadequate design can powerfully affect user experience across every aspect of a site. For example, one may take filling in forms as an easy and obvious design element. Still, we all know the absolute frustration of completing all details in a questionnaire, form, or even job application, only to reach the end, click, and receive a message that you haven’t filled out all the fields; please try again! This example is why editable input fields are often essential not to affect the UX adversely. 

The answer lies in using editable input fields that give users complete control and are implemented with the necessary attention to key points, such as size, color, and layout.


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