What Is Lottie Animation?

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Lottie Animation is an open-source JSON-based animation tool that enables designers to ship animations on any platform quickly as sending static assets. 

A Lottie Animation is a high-quality, tiny, interactive file that works on any device and can scale up or down without pixelation. One can also manipulate them at run-time. The top 500 apps on the App store use Lottie to engage users and enhance conversions.

Benefits of Lottie Animation

Once, building complicated animations for iOS, Android, and React Native apps was an arduous and lengthy process. You had to add cumbersome image files for every screen size or write thousands of lines of delicate, difficult-to-maintain code. 

As a result, most apps did not use animation even though it is a powerful communication tool and creates a compelling user experience. The introduction of Lottie enables designers to do great work faster and with easier. It also works on any device and easily integrates with the tools you are already using. 

Since you can use Lottie animations on any platform – web or mobile, you can seamlessly integrate them into apps and web pages. Doing so does not reduce their quality, and you can make them interactive. One can also use Lottie animations as stickers on messaging platforms as they aren’t technically restricted to mobile and web. You can even use them to play your animation on desktop apps and some smartwatches.

The size of a Lottie file substantially boosts download speed and lowers the amount of disk space used.

Why use Lottie Animations?

The following is a summary of reasons to use Lottie Animation over other available solutions:

  • Multi-platform: Use Lottie files on iOS, Android, web, and React Native with no modification required.
  • Resolution-independent and scalable at run-time.
  • Tiny file size. 
  • High-quality animations and resolutions on various platforms.
  • Exposes animation elements and parameters to use as targeting elements to add interactivity and manipulate at run-time.


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