Add Amazing Animations To Your Website With Lottie Widget

Improve your site’s engagement and user experience and add that ‘WOW’ effect to your sites using the Lottie integration.

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Why Web Creators Choose Lottie Pro Widget


Add Lottie Animations Without Code

Shorten your animation workflow by eliminating the need for setup and coding


Enhance Your Content Strategy and Brand Messaging

Choose the perfect animation to communicate your brand’s story


Adjust Any Animation For Your Site Design

Have the freedom to select any animation you need and set its dimensions and behavior


Trigger Your Animation Based on User Interaction

Choose between a variety of behaviors that trigger animations, such as viewport, scroll, hover and click


Quickly Upload Any Lottie Animation

Pick from a huge variety of pre-made Lottie animations available on

Watch Our Step by Step Tutorial

Advanced Options

Explore Special Lottie Behaviors

The Lottie widget offers many settings and controls for customizing your animation, including reverse play and loop

Create Animations for Mobile Devices

Add versatile, responsive animations that work on every browser and device

Upload Your Own Original Animation

Create your own Lottie animation using After Effects and Bodymovin

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Elementor is like jailbreak for WordPress. Cast off the shackles of traditional WordPress design. With Elementor, there’s no limit to what we can create! ...It’s WordPress the way it was meant to be, fun and easy!
Justin Easthall
Justin Easthall@EasthallDesign
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I’m totally blown away by this product - it’s a designers dream. WordPress here I come!
John Lott
John Lott@TheMobileLott
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Thank you @elemntor for making wordpress design less frustrating!!! #WordPress #elementor #websiteinprogress #Detroit #Webdev
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Just started using @elemntor page builder .. very impressive great job on it
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I have tried a lot of page builders before. Wasted time and money. At least I finally switched to Elementor. Great community, great support, a lot of tutorials and creative ideas what can be all achieved with WordPress & Elementor. Thanks!
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Just Love it! Elementor has truly help me create better-looking pages for my site! The template user has been super useful! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Flourishing Business Mum ‏
Flourishing Business Mum ‏@fl_freelancer
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I cannot tell you how much easier Elementor has made building pages on #WordPress for me! I have no idea what I did before installing it
North Star Media
North Star Media@north_starmedia
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@elemntor is one of the best WordPress tools currently available. And now they just made it even better! 👏👏👏 #webdesign #wordpress #themebuilder #elementor

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