We would like to inform you about upcoming modifications to the Elementor Pro Essential subscription plan, which will impact new purchases of this plan starting December 4th, 2023.

These changes allow us to increase our investment in the development of the Free and Pro Elementor plugins, and you will be able to build websites that are even more sophisticated, converting, and content-rich.

When Will the New Plans Come Into Effect

The new subscription plans will come into effect on December 4th, 2023.

What This Means for You

As part of this update, the Elementor Pro Advanced, Expert, Agency, and all the Hosting plans will not change. Meaning, these subscriptions will remain as before, with complete access to Elementor Pro existing and upcoming features. 

Existing Essential subscribers get to keep all current features

If you have a valid Elementor Pro Essential subscription, you can keep your subscription with all the features currently available to you, at no additional cost. You’ll also be able to renew your subscription upon expiration, while keeping all the features currently available in your plan. Some new features, released to the higher plans, will not be available as part of your current Pro subscription.

New Essential Pro subscription plans purchased on December 4th, 2023 or later will follow the new subscription plan breakdown, as detailed below. 

If you’d like to upgrade your Elementor Pro Essential subscription plan, or purchase a new, higher subscription plan, the upcoming Black Friday discounts are the best opportunity for that.

Why We’re Changing our Subscription Plans

Elementor began 7 years ago, starting as a drag and drop page-builder with several widgets that enabled you to add visual elements to your page. Soon after, Elementor introduced more advanced design capabilities, with embedded widgets such as video playlists, and functional widgets such as marketing widgets, dynamic content widgets and WooCommerce features, ultimately becoming a full-fledged website builder.

Repackaging Graph Min Upcoming Modifications To The Elementor Pro-Essential Subscription Plan 1

All this time every Pro feature and widget Elementor released became available to all Pro plans, with no distinction between the type of features different websites may need. While this resulted in a wide variety of features available in all of our subscription plans, it didn’t provide you with a personalized experience based on the type of capabilities required for each website, and doesn’t reflect the value given from the Elementor Pro plugin.

As we plan our upcoming product roadmap, and review how we can implement not only additional features you requested, but also new innovative features, we realized that by modifying the Essential Pro subscription, we can better focus our roadmap and invest more to broaden our features. By doing so, we can give you more flexibility, more capabilities, and more features – but more importantly, we can introduce the features you need for your website – in all the tiers of the plugin – Elementor Free and Pro.

Repackaging Plans Min Upcoming Modifications To The Elementor Pro-Essential Subscription Plan 2

Introducing Elementor Pro’s New Essential Subscription Plan

The new Elementor Pro Essential subscription plan will give you all the capabilities you need to build a basic website. You’ll get access to 50+ Pro widgets, as well as the Theme Builder so you can edit your header, footer and other theme parts. As part of this plan, you’ll also get basic marketing tools with the Form widget, so you can create any type of form.

Going forward, when you purchase the new Elementor Pro Essential, you will have all the features you need to create a complete basic website, and also gain access to new features that will be part of the Essential plan.  For more professional capabilities like the Popup Builder, ecommerce features including PayPal button, Stripe button, and the full WooCommerce Builder or collaboration tools like Notes or the Role Manager, you will need to upgrade to the Advanced plan or higher. 

Below, you can see a general breakdown of the features available in the new Essential plan, compared to the higher plans.

New Essential Subscribers Legacy Essential – Unchanged Advanced, Expert, Agency – Unchanged
Description For building basic websites Legacy – Purchased before December 4, 2023 For professional and ecommerce websites
# of websites 1 1 According to Plan
# of widgets 50 Pro widgets 82 Pro widgets 82 Pro widgets
Theme Builder Features V V V
Global Widgets V V
Advanced Customization options
Basic Design Features V V V
Custom Icons V V V
Custom Fonts V V V
Custom Code V V
Custom CSS V V
Global CSS V V
Marketing Features
Form Widget and Design V V V
Form Submissions V V
Form Integrations V V
Unlimited Popups  V V
Custom Attributes V V
Dynamic Content
Native WordPress Dynamic Fields V V V
ACF, PODs Integrations V V
PayPal / Stripe Integration V V
WooCommerce Builder V V
Team Collaboration and Management
Notes V V
Role Manager V V

We Continue To Be Committed To Your Success and Appreciate Your Support

With over 15 million websites globally using our product, we are inspired by your creations. These modifications ensure that we can continue to grow alongside you, providing the best product for your needs, regardless of the type of website you need to build.

Your feedback is always important to us, and over the years has greatly influenced our roadmap. As we introduce these upcoming modifications, new plans, and new features, we appreciate your feedback and support.