We at Elementor are humbled and honored to witness the immense impact WordPress has had on the web. Ever since we entered the world of this remarkable platform, we have seen how an idea proposed by Matt Mullenweg and picked up by Mike Little progressed from being a blogging system that brought publishing on the web to all in a way that had never been seen before, to a robust CMS with a vibrant, dynamic ecosystem around it, and a booming economy of products, services and solutions.

One of the most amazing things about WordPress, and what has contributed to its meteoric rise, is its unusual ability to address the fundamental needs of a wide array of people and organizations. Anyone who has built a product knows that it’s key to focus on one segment, one target audience, But by offering a flexible and extensible platform, WordPress has enabled all types of users to build websites tailored to their specific requirements. So in the case of WordPress, this lack of focus is a revolutionary advantage.

In order to serve the needs of such a varied group of users, WordPress has continually evolved to meet the evolving demands of the online world. Its commitment to innovation and adaptability has made it the bedrock of the internet, leading it to power more than 43% of all websites.

WordPress: empowering creativity for all

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WordPress brought a remarkable message to the web and the world that has impacted so many lives over the years: you matter. No matter who you are, where you are, how old you are, your gender, your beliefs – you can make a difference. Not only that, we care about you and want to make a difference for you. WordPress has never focused on the “elite” – one of the main components of the WP approach to software is that it should be great for everyone.

This ability to provide an open and accessible platform for people of all backgrounds, skills, and aspirations is one of the most remarkable aspects of WordPress, and something that has always been an inspiration to us. From bloggers to entrepreneurs, artists to developers, WordPress has been a catalyst for turning ideas into reality. Its intuitive interface and customizable features have empowered millions of individuals and businesses to create stunning websites without requiring extensive technical expertise. WordPress has truly democratized the web, making it a place where creativity knows no bounds.

With WordPress, every person’s ideas and thoughts matter and can be published on the web.
With WordPress, no matter who you are, you can contribute and be a part of something bigger.
With WordPress, anyone can see a need for new features or services, develop them, and launch them for all to use. And if the solution really solves a need in a good way, anyone can succeed.

WordPress: a community that transcends software

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WordPress is able to serve everyone because everyone is working on it, and with it, in the form of a strong, diverse community. It’s a strange thing to say, but it’s clear that WordPress is not just software; it is a thriving community of passionate individuals who have embraced the spirit of collaboration, support, and knowledge sharing. From the countless WordCamps and meetups to online forums and social media groups, WordPress has fostered a sense of belonging and friendship. This vibrant community transcends geographical boundaries and time zones, connecting people from all walks of life. The willingness to help and share experiences within this community has been instrumental in making WordPress more than just a tool, but a collective force for positive change.

Yesterday, we were privileged to host a 20th birthday celebration for WordPress for the local Israeli community. WordCamp organizers, product creators, and veteran leaders spoke and shared how their personal and professional journeys were impacted by their involvement with WordPress. The clear common thread among all the speakers was how the community, and the connections forged around WordPress, were the most meaningful aspect of their WordPress experience.

If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. In the end, no matter what you’re doing, it’s the people that matter. The people you’re building for, and the people you’re building with.

The bottom line is that while building solutions can be rewarding, it’s even more rewarding when you’re building it with a community. And when that community is building it for others like themselves, then of course the product will truly meet the needs of its users. And it will succeed, and that will motivate further involvement – lather, rinse and repeat.

WordPress and us

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All of this is true for our journey with WordPress. We are two founders from an atypical background who identified our own need, and chose to solve it for ourselves, with the hope that on the way it would solve the needs of others. We have been privileged to build with other amazing people, and watching Elementor get adopted and grow while helping people in the way we hoped, gave us the motivation to keep building and improving.

Elementor has become bigger than us and now has an ecosystem of its own, comprised of service providers, add-on developers, and integrators. It is so gratifying to see people all around the world benefiting from what we have built.

And what we built couldn’t have happened without the dedication, vision and generosity of the WordPress community at large.

We have made wonderful connections over the years within the community, and have loved sponsoring WordCamps and organizing meetups, and meeting our community face-to-face, hearing their stories and how we have made a difference in many of their lives.

We extend our warmest wishes to the entire WordPress community – founders, contributors, developers, designers, and users, and we are looking forward to strengthening our connections and contributions to WordPress and the community even further.

Here’s to another twenty years, WordPress! We can’t wait to see what’s next. Mazal tov!

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