One of the benefits of an open-source website builder is that its capabilities are limitless, allowing anyone to create fully unique websites and customize the CSS, change the HTML and add JS. The Developers among you are able to further leverage the fact that Elementor is open-source to extend its capabilities and even create your own addons.

To empower Elementor’s developers’ community we maintain multiple touchpoints and have recently completely revamped the Developers Website, and specifically its documentation, AKA Developers Docs. 

Developers Resources and Channels 

To foster our relationship with our developer community, we have five different touchpoints, each one with a specific focus: 

  • Developers Website – where Developers can get information about Elementor’s infrastructure and coding logic, learn about how to extend Elementor for themselves or by creating their own Addons that can also be used by others. 
    • Developers Blog – discover the latest information from the programmers working on all the new Elementor versions, to keep you ahead of the game. 
    • Developers Docs – learn how to extend Elementor core to create your own addons. Here you will find detailed documentation, handy code snippets and full code examples. 
  • Elementor GitHub – where Developers can learn about new Beta releases, inform Elementor about bugs they’ve found, as well as suggest and request new features that will impact the Elementor plugin. 
  • Developers Docs GitHub – where Developers have the ability to impact the Developers Docs. They can edit, fix typos, add content, create entirely new tutorials, and share their knowledge with the community. 
  • Addon Developers Updates – where Addon Developers can get constant updates about new releases, features, and product roadmaps. These updates are delivered by email, allowing Addon Developers to learn about new features, and prepare for them in advance. 
2 Developers Resources And Channels The Revamped Developers Website — Where All The Developers Go 1

Revamped Developers Websites — Here’s What’s New

Over the past few months, we completely revamped our Developers Website. The home page has gotten a modern new look and the documentation has been reviewed and updated to provide Developers extending Elementor’s functionalities to enjoy a comprehensive learning experience. 

Developers Docs Structure 

The Developers Docs includes three main sections: 

  • Getting Started – a section that details how to approach creating an Addon for Elementor, and includes an explanation on how to create an Elementor Addon for the first time – from start to finish. 
  • Internals – this section includes details about core technology behind Elementor and its different offerings, including the Elementor Editor, Manager, Script & Styles, and Hooks, as well as an overview of the connection between WordPress and Elementor Development.
  • Components – here Developers may find detailed description about each component, and specific examples – ranging from simple to complex, on how to modify them, including how to create addons or extend the capabilities of the Context Menu, Finder, Widgets, Controls, Dynamic Tags, and Themes. 
3 Revamped Developers Websites Heres Whats New The Revamped Developers Website — Where All The Developers Go 2

New Documentation

The new Developers Website also introduces the new and improved Docs, the code has been updated and rewritten. Over the past few months, some hooks have been renamed, and some changes were made to the way developers need to register new functionalities, 

Additionally, as part of the improvements made to the Developers Docs, we’ve introduced entirely new documentation, which includes the Elementor Managers, Scripts & Styles, and Context Menus. It includes new code snippets, and are available on Github, allowing any Developer to suggest improvements to the documentation. 

4 New Documentation The Revamped Developers Website — Where All The Developers Go 3

Join The Developers Community 

The Developers Community is continuously growing, and the newly updated Developers Website and Docs are a testament to that. As we continuously look for ways to empower Web Creators, having dedicated channels for the Developers among them is critical to extending Elementor’s capabilities and giving you the tools to tailor Elementor to your needs. 

So, Developers, what are you waiting for — go check it out, and let us know what you think.