HostPapa has collaborated with us, and now offers a 1-click easy installation of WordPress & Elementor on its Elementor hosting plan.

Installing WordPress has always been a tough cookie to swallow, right?

This is true to newbies and experienced WordPress users alike. The biggest hurdle when creating WordPress sites is moving past the long and not intuitive installation process.

Elementor made site building easy, but until now it didn’t much influence the installation process.

I’m glad to announce we just partnered with HostPapa, a leading hosting service provider. HostPapa is now offering a 1-click WordPress + Elementor installation on its new Elementor Hosting plan.

Get a Website Up and Running Fast

The 1-click installation considerably speeds up the process of setting up your site.

Here is the difference:

OLD WAY: Buy hosting > Buy domain > Connect DNS > Go to CPanel > Install WordPress > Go to wp-admin > Install Elementor > Edit with Elementor

NEW WAY: Buy hosting + domain > Edit with Elementor

We are currently talking to other major hosting providers. Our hope is that creating a new WordPress site will be just as easy as building a site with the other platform that starts with W 🙂

Go ahead and get your new Elementor hosting @HostPapa today >

Note! This is NOT an affiliate recommendation. We are eager to help our users find the most reliable and trustworthy hosting companies that also offer a 1-click WordPress & Elementor installation process.