Our third Expert Web Creator challenge brought out fierce competition as numerous contestants entered the running to build the best form with the Elementor Form builder. 

We challenged you to create snazzy contact forms, enticing newsletter signups, and delightful multi-step experiences —  and we were not disappointed. Although it was a close competition, three submissions from our web creators rose to the top due to their ingenuity, simplicity, and style. 

This month we also recognize a community choice web creator winner who won over the crowd with a clever design. 

Let’s take a look at the winning entries and dive into their thought process behind their fantastic forms: 

1st Place: Margaryta Vershynina

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Winning Popup Design From The First Place Winner Margaryta Vershynina.

What our judges said: “Margo created a fun, engaging form experience with only two concise steps. Messaging is warm, positive, and makes you want to talk to her about your project.”

This month’s Grand Champion of the Monthly Experts Challenge is the independent web creator Margaryta Vershynina, who created a popup form for her personal web design development website CoDesign.

Looking at this charismatic and effective popup, you would not be able to tell that this self-described “Digital Universe Explorer” and a native of the Netherlands only began using Elementor in January of 2021.

She describes how she discovered her passion for web development, “At the beginning of 2020, when the first lockdown was introduced, I realized how extremely important it is to have your own digital face; either you have a product to sell, a service to offer, or a personal brand to expand.” 

Through her work, she “[aims] to help small independent companies, startups, and personal brands to become visible online, increase conversion, and strengthen their brand through the power of their website.” 

Although she clearly enjoys diving into the elements that make up an excellent design, she never loses sight of the goal of any of her clients’ websites. 

“I don’t sell websites, I offer results. A Website is simply a tool that helps your business compete, improve, and most importantly, grow. I focus on YOUR challenges and create websites that bring value to YOUR business.”

On the subject of popups, she says, “A contact form plays one of the most important roles in the process of user interaction on any website.” 

As a web creator, she says she draws inspiration from everywhere. “From Pinterest and Dribble to Awwwards, combining it with my own vision.” 

Her unique vision is clear as users complete her three-step form. At the very end, users are thanked “You Are AMAZING!” and shown a playful illustration of an astronaut. These touches go a long way towards building a sense of personality and relationship with her visitors. 

As this form is live on her website, Margaryta can attest to the success of her design. “This simple form intends to increase user engagement and generate more leads in all seasons.

And what does she attribute her designs’ success to? She says, “Its high engagement is mainly achieved thanks to its friendly, playful, and hassle-free lay-out. Submitting details is a smooth and intuitive process. And by requiring a minimal number of fields, it achieves better conversion.”

Margaryta describes the philosophy that guides her — “We should all remember how essential it is to keep learning and challenge ourselves to be better than yesterday.”  

2nd place: Md Firdous Ahmad

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Second Place Popup Design From Md Firdous Ahmad.

What our judges said: “Elegant multi-step form that gets all the basic lead information the project needs without burdening the visitor.”

You may recognize our second place web creator from previous challenges. That’s because, in only three iterations of this challenge, he’s taken home a title twice already. To accompany his previous third-place win, he now takes second place in our forms challenge. 

Md is an independent web creator based in India who has been using Elementor since 2020. Since then, he’s created a whopping 25 websites, which is five more than the last time we caught up with him. He says he got into Elementor after using it on a project in 2020. 

“I have been keeping an eye on Elementor since 2018. [I] used it for small projects, but when I built a news agency website in 2020 and saw the quality of the results, I decided to use Elementor for all my projects.”

For his popup form submission, Md used the Hello theme and the Elementor and Elementor Pro plugins to create a contact form for a hypothetical web design agency. 

The submission’s design features colorful geometric borders, which Md says is to “make the form visually appealing.” He also made sure his design was responsive to ensure continuity across any screen size. 

The multi-step contact form is straightforward and engaging. In just a few clicks, the popup collects what project the user wants help with, along with their budget and contact information. 

Md chose a multi-step contact because he says he “was trying to make a straightforward contact form,” so, during the brainstorming process, he just gave Elementor’s multi-step form a try.

Once the user completes the form, they’re greeted by a simple “Hurray!” that informs them their information has been recorded. He describes that as “a great example of a happy user’s path.”

Md always keeps the user as his top priority when designing contact forms. In his research into what users wanted out of a contact form, he found that “They want to fill forms in less time, so instead of using long forms, I decided to continue with multi-step forms. Based on the persona, that means the form solves user pain-points.” 

As an independent web creator, Md specializes in “responsive WordPress, ecommerce websites, eye-catching lead generation, and conversions.” Through his many bright designs that draw the eye, it’s clear that he has a “passion for creating an interactive, useful, and delightful user experience focused on creating a more connected, pixel-perfect world.”

“I can help you to transform your ideas into an amazing website.”

3rd Place: Ben Campbell

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Third Place Popup Design From Ben Campbell.

What our judges said: “Ben created an elaborate multi-step experience that generates an advanced lead, with a nice dynamic Thank You page. Messaging could be a little more focused, but overall this is a great form implementation.”

Ben is an independent web creator based in the U.K. that has been creating websites using Elementor since 2017. Through his intricate work, it’s clear Ben’s mission statement holds true — “I push Elementor to its limit, using it to build advanced platforms for all functionalities.”

He has recently embarked on a new project called You Can Do Great. According to Ben, “You Can Do Great is a new work-in-progress educational platform aimed at helping people work towards their goals and side-hustles by providing helpful resources to accelerate their ideas into reality.” 

The website is aimed more specifically at “a younger audience that has some basic technical skills and know-how.”

Though not yet officially launched, Ben says the platform will “provide helpful resources so that anyone can learn how they too could take advantage of the large range of tools available (like Elementor!) with little effort or budget needed for success! It will also be home to some more advanced Elementor tricks that I have discovered over the years that I use daily.”

He designed his challenge-winning form as the initial contact for users looking to get the most out of his educational platform. 

For that reason, he sees the contact form as doing more than just gathering information. He describes his form as a way to gauge a user’s exact level of interest and help them define their expectations to tailor his approach towards helping each user. 

“The form created was to act as a lead-generation/interest check as to helping the user themselves understand the initial steps that go into making a start, by asking the user to identify their goals and also to make them think about what steps they are taking, and what they think they should  be taking to move forwards towards achieving their goals.”

He knows that an especially long form can be intimidating for users, which is why he says, “Elementor Pro’s multi-step function lets users complete their information without feeling too overwhelmed.” 

To make the form as useful as possible, the user’s answers are recorded throughout the process and used to adapt the form to their needs. Ben does this through “conditional scripting done through JavaScript which sends data from each field into future prompts if needed (like what kind of side-hustle).”

When the user completes the form, they are congratulated and prompted to take action through social media, which can be an effective way to begin building a relationship with the user.  

Community Choice:

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Popup Design For The Community Choice Winner, José Ícaro.

This month’s community choice winner is José Ícaro. He is a Brazil-based web creator with over 10 years of WordPress experience and has created an astonishing 300 websites with Elementor. 

His expertise is evident through his practical and clever contact popup form. The progress bar is a unique touch that creates a satisfying user journey throughout the multi-step process. 

Stay Tuned for Our Next Monthly Web Creator Challenge

Congratulations to each of our winners, and thanks to all who submitted and voted. 

Do you think you have what it takes to stand out on the Elementor Experts platform? We frequently hold challenges like these for web creators like you, so you have plenty of chances to be recognized. 

We drop announcements in our community forum, so keep an eye out for next month’s coming soon!

The contest is open to everyone regardless of experience — you just need an Elementor Experts profile and project to enter.