1. There’s a New Kit on the Block

Brand new container kits have the stunning web designs your site deserves. Whether you’re looking for a colorful eye catcher like Houseplants Supplies Kit or a more subtle design like the new Matcha Shop Kit, we’ve got you covered.

2. You Won’t Want to Block These Sets

Kits aren’t the only new content making noise in our libraries. Save time on your next website design by building with these beautiful block sets. The new template library has over 250 blocks organized in style-matching sets. Choose from dozens of heroes, contact us, services, and logo blocks to build a unique design in no time.

3. One Way Ticket to Global Styles

Kits are the perfect blueprint for your wildest design dreams and they just got better. Kits now include an elegant style guide that help you keep track of all the global colors, fonts, and buttons that come with your Kit.

4. The Best Free Kits Made it to the Pros

Some of the best things in life are free and that’s exactly why we converted the most popular free kits into container-based designs so you can enjoy the best Kits with the power of flexbox containers.

5. Refreshed the Classics

Everyone knows that you can’t beat the classics, and that’s why our design team gave the most loved classic kits a makeover while converting them to containers. We made sure you don’t have to choose between your favorite kits and creating with the power of containers.

6. Scroll-Click-Buy With One Page Shops

Forget the rest and let your products speak for themselves. These one page mini-sites connect directly to your paypal or stripe account to give you a minimalist solution for maximum revenue.

Please Note:

to access the Container library, you will need to activate Flexbox Containers from the Features Tab in Elementor Settings.