Set Dynamic Page Overview With Table of Contents

Generate a dynamic table of contents, improve your article readability and accessibility, boost your SEO and offer a better visitor experience

Why Web Creators Choose Table of Contents


Add a helpful menu for your content

Make your WordPress posts & pages simpler to navigate with a better user experience


Make it easier to read long form content

Readers can scan and find the most relevant areas of your content with easy scrolling


Match the TOC to your unique website design

Easily apply your website’s design style to your Table of Contents widget – or customize it by editing the HTML code or CSS


Use structured data for rich snippets

Earn higher click-through rates on Google and other search engines by using your heading tags in your table of contents

Advanced Table of Content Options

Great for FAQs and long-form content

Simplify your content and make it more user friendly

Eliminates Other WordPress plugins

Improve the functionality of your site by removing extra plugins

Responsive and collapsible in mobile

Let your table of contents be fully responsive and adaptable to screen dimensions and conditions

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Guide Users With Table of Contents

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