Highlight Your Featured Posts

Display WordPress featured posts in various layouts like Classic, Cards or Full Content Skins and choose them from a particular category, taxonomy and more filters

Why Web Creators Choose Posts Widget


Select the elements you want to display

Easily show or hide comments, date, author, read more and other parts of the posts grid


Define advanced queries for your content needs

Decide which content to include or exclude based on criteria like author, date, term, etc.


Make the design your own

Choose the styling, typography, and overall appearance of your posts and archive


Choose the layout that best suits your content

Adjust the number of columns, the post count, image sizes, positioning, excerpts, etc. 

Advanced Posts Widget Options

Responsive options

Let your posts be fully responsive and adaptable to screen dimensions and conditions

Pagination choices

Customize the navigation of your posts however you like

Post Type

The Posts widget works with posts, pages, and other custom post types

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