Display Your Code Snippets With Code Highlight Widget

Use our intuitive syntax highlighter to create highlighted code sections in your websites and seamlessly separate the code from the rest of the content.

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Showcase Code Examples on Your Website

Seamlessly display code in your website in a way that's readable, customizable, and supports multiple languages

Not Just a Pretty Code

Save time with our code highlighter. Visually pick out relevant bits of code from the content of your websites and easily copy and past it.

More Than Pretty Code

Customized Themes

Choose from six different light or dark themes and customize your code according to your personal preferences.  

Numerous Code Languages

Choose from dozens of leading programming languages including CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript, and more. Not enough? Create your own!

Spotlight Your Code

Choose and display specific parts of your code that you want to highlight using line numbers.

Improve Your Code Display With Code Highlight

Get all your plugins in one tool with Elementor Pro

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